Linda Wenzel – German girl sentenced to death for serving Daesh militants

This Sunday, an Iraqi court announced that it had sentenced a German woman of Moroccan origin by hanging her till death.

According to the German Justice Department, it was reported in September 2017 that this German teenage girl was suspected for belonging to Daesh or so-called ISIS and was arrested with three other German women in Mosul the city of Iraq.

Abdel Sattar Bayraqdar said, this girl was sentenced for supporting and helping the terrorist group with their crimes and she too admitted the fact that she left Germany with her two daughters.

After leaving Germany, she first went to Syria and then to Iraq to join Daesh group where her two daughters married the members of the Daesh group.

The same month and year this Germany girl was accused and arrested, a Russian man was sentenced to death who too was arrested from Mosul and accepted that he was fighting for IS.

However Iraqi forces ended three years of ISIS ruling in the city Mosul by expelling out the militants from Mosul in July 2017.

When she was arrested initially after Iraq forces took over the city, she was initially treated as sex slave of ISIS terrorists. It was misunderstood that she is one of the Yazidi sex slaves. However, later on, it was revealed that she was an active part of ISIS.

In 2014 IS drove the Iraqi government out of the key cities of Iraq violently and seized Mosul but Baghdad announced its success over IS in December last year after expelling out the militants from Iraq and its seized cities.

During the battle against ISIS, many hundred fighters gave themselves and many escaped by joining together with the civilians escaping the fight, this was said by Iraqi commanders and Iraqi Kurdish fighters. Furthermore, it was said that there are no official figures for the arrest of militants.

Wathiq al-Hamdani, the police chief general said, the number of militants arrested only in the province surrounding Mosul rose above 4,000 and Baghdad has declared its victory over the ISIS but still, they have to face several attacks in the country including in the capital city.

Before her trial started, she was giving permission to meet her mother and sister in Baghdad.

Linda told her mother that she was lured by ISIS by showing her videos and pictures of beautiful couples walking in the parks. Husbands taking care of their wives and making food with them.

She thought that this life would be the perfect life for her but when she ultimately reached those areas, the situation was different.

Finding herself trapped in a house with other women and surrounded by the sound of falling bombs, she said she had asked herself: “Why, you idiot, did you come here?”

Being parents, elder brother or elder sister, it is your responsibility to keep an skeptic eye on your children and younger brothers and sisters. If they are involved in any such activity, it is your duty to make them understand what is wrong and right.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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