Let’s meet the World’s Tallest Camel in Saudi Arabia

King Abdul Aziz camel festival is known as the world’s biggest Camel festival also popular as Saudi heritage festival, held with the support of ruling King. This festival mainly features camel beauty contest.

The contestant from across the Gulf countries travels with their camel herds to showcase their camel to win prizes in millions of Saudi Riyals. This competition was founded by a group of Bedouin people who went to seek support from the royal family in 1999.

This is not just like a beauty contest but this carnival also holds other activities like camel racing, riding, artwork, children fun activities, trading and many more.

Around 26,000 camels were presented for the beauty contest in this Camel festival which is held around the area of 30 million square meters.

The visitors love to visit here to see the originality of Saudi heritage, culture and civilization and the most important thing to visualize the beauty of desert and camel together or I should say people like me who love to see the ship of the desert in the sandy desert.

Every year the camel festival is known for something special but this year the King Abdul Aziz camel festival will be famous for presenting World’s tallest camel.

No doubt to say that thousands of camels were presented in this competition but one camel received special attention from the visitors as it became famous in King Abdul Aziz camel festival.

That Camel is said to be the tallest camel from among all other camels that were presented in the same Camel festival.

Previously a Camel was presented whose height was said to be 1.9 meters but this camel whose height is 3 meters breaks the previous record, as said by Faris Al-Dalbji, the supervisor of the festival.

Dallbji said this Camel is eight years old and belongs to Sultan Al-Rashidi who is from Hail. Sultan has two other camels of the same breed but they are not as tall as this camel.

He further said they hope that this camel will make its name in Guinness World Record. They have contacted Guinness team and they have initially approved and said the work is underway to register this tallest camel.

 It was said that some visitors offered SR 300,000 to buy this camel but the price of this camel will soon increase after its registration in Guinness world record book.

 A team was sent to the Camel festival to examine the camel on Sunday, it took the samples and installed the electronic chip and said the health certificate will be issued later then the official registration process will resume.

If you want to see the world’s tallest camel so visit King Abdul Aziz camel festival.

Source: Al Arabiya

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