Areej Saleh: A Saudi Student who works as a Cook to support her Education expenses

We have seen many people working and studying side by side to cover the cost of education in today’s world. People do different kinds of jobs to cover their tuition fee which has, without any doubt become very expensive.

A similar story is of Areej Saleh Al-Muqaytib. The reason why she stands out is that of her unique circumstances and the choice of work.

Areej is married and she lives with her husband and son. She and her son both are currently studying and therefore she not only has to cover the cost of her own education but also has to cover the cost of her son’s education.    

Areej is a Saudi Law student who studies in California. Upon arriving at the United States alongside her husband and son, Areej missed the opportunity of obtaining a scholarship but this did not stop her from carrying out what she had set to achieve.

In the beginning, she covered her educational expenses by working but this did not cut it for the family or her son’s education, therefore, she needed a larger income. It was then that she decided to open a public kitchen inside her home.

She started catering and mainly targeted the Saudi students and Arab institutions.  Soon enough, the work started getting better and she started having good feedback due to which her expenses started covering up. Soon enough it became professional.

Areej stressed upon the fact that the business mainly flourished due to the quality of cooking, the materials used, and packaging and delivery. Areej further stressed that nothing would have been possible without the support of her husband, Abu Abdullah.

She said that his support had a great impact on her which made it possible for her to carry this out. She said that her husband supported her at what she was good at (cooking) and it paid off. He also helped her in implementing the idea by through promotion of dishes to different customers. 

Soon Areej’s kitchen became recognizable and she started getting bigger clients such as the Saudi and Kuwaiti consulates in Los Angeles, California where she started supplying official meals in addition to organizing events.

Areej’s kitchen has no doubt reached a level that even she had not thought it would when she started. But where there is a will, there is a way. To balance studies alongside such a big responsibility of a son and husband and on top of that, to cook on such a large scale is a huge task.

Areej has shown us all that we should never lose hope and always try our best no matter how tough the circumstances may be. Today she runs a successful business and thanks, everyone who stood by her and supported her work.

She also thanks God for helping her out with her difficulties and moves on with her life feeling victorious.  

Source: Saudi Gazette