Hand Practice for men is a Human Need – Saudi Psychologist

There are many things that remain unsaid throughout a person’s life and a person does not like talking about it due to many reasons. One of the main reason is being ashamed of talking about such a matter. A topic that falls under this category is Hand Practice.

It is thought of as a taboo throughout the Arab world as well as many other countries. Even in non-muslim countries, this topic is not discussed by people because is not thought of as a good thing. Imagine such a sensitive taboo topic being brought up in a television program.

The statement of Saudi psychologist Dr. Tariq Al Habib upon this matter left everyone speechless in shock. The psychologist said, “I see Hand Practice as a basic human need, it’s just like the need to defecate or the need to eat and drink.

Dr. Tariq Al Habib further mentioned that it is considered haram or unacceptable in Islam.

He called upon the Islamic scholars to reconsider the matter by saying that when a person turns towards Hand Practice in an effort to stop himself from committing adultery (which is a grave sin) then it is not considered as haram as the person is in urgent need of it.

An unmarried person might suffer from stress and anxiety if he wishes prevent himself from adultery. Hand Practice helps release this stress and anxiety without causing any harm if the person does not develop a habit of doing it occasionally.

These comments shocked the host of the show who did not want to elongate the matter further and responded with: “Allow me to say that what you just said goes beyond being a controversial opinion, it’s just shocking.”

This little conversation went viral on social media as people reacted to it in different ways. Most people were shocked about how this matter even surfaced upon television.

This being said, another shock came when people in Saudi Arabia started talking about it on social media as this topic is never talked about in this country.

In the past, researchers, psychologists, academics, and journalists have talked about Hand Practice and have used scientific research and reasoning to back up their arguments but Dr. Tariq Al Habib’s argument was unique in every aspect.

The way he assumed things sent a wave of shock throughout the country. Something so sensitive was discussed in an open manner whereas this topic not only needs scientific reasoning but religious guidance as well.

This discussion messes with the mind of the youth who are stuck in between what’s right and wrong and what step should they take at this age to relieve themselves of such things.

Some people responded to this by anger whereas some did by sarcasm but some actually stood by the psychologist by saying that he said the right thing and it is a matter to ponder upon and for the youth to know the right thing.

All being said, to be a good Muslim we need to practice our religion in the proper way and refrain from committing sins. Moreover, this is not the first time, Dr. Tariq Al-Habib is accused regarding public issues.

A few months ago, he was accused when he passed a statement that men should use women for pleasure only and women should use men to produce children. This statement too caused a stir on social media.