Why are Saudis not protesting against price increase and VAT?

To start with, this is an interesting question indeed but if one keeps up to date with the current affairs or has ever been to Saudi Arabia, the answer is on the tip of the tongue and the reasons for Saudis not revolting against the government is on the fingertips

We see almost every country in the region being hit with the economic and power issues along with the war, instability and energy crisis. It is true that Saudi Arabia is facing the same kind of regional issues but management is superb and timely taken steps towards improvement are helping a lot.

Many of the foreigners say that they are simply amazed to see why Saudi Arabia has not been hit by civil war or internal instability in the form of protests and such unrest despite a price hike in almost everything in the Kingdom.

The answer is that Saudi Rulers have done a remarkable job when it comes to thinking long-term about their own citizens.

They have cut down their own expense despite being in the power and launched new welfare system to help approximately 3 million low-income Saudi families stapled with their pays and pensions.

The Saudis are simply protecting their Holy Homeland against the proxy war set in the region by Iran through paid militias via Yemen. Saddening to see, Iran is doing such when they call themselves Muslims.

The war in Syria, the life loss along with the economic chaos Iran is and has created is hurting many of the people. In collaboration with anti-Muslim powers, Iran has set ablaze the whole lot of the region which was once peaceful and stable.

The oil reserves are now unfortunately in the hands of militia goons. Iran has not only destabilized the other countries but also destroyed the lifestyle of their own people.

They have imposed unlawful taxes, high inflation rate, sanctions on import & export and very low per capita income which makes the people become outraged and come on the streets protesting against the government.

Whereas the government is too busy playing chess on board with the enemies in the name of religion, pulling out the local money and investing them in the foreign wars rather than taking any beneficial step for its citizen.

The Saudis have also experienced the price hike, increase of taxes and improvement of new taxes along with other burdens but due to excellent management, they never have recorded a protest against the government or policies.

Arab government is making many efforts to ease their citizen from economic pains. The Government tried to compensate with the citizens, by extending direct aid to over 10 million of the nation lesser privilege citizens which are almost half of the population.

This is not all; King Salman ordered to give further monetary aid to its citizen this year. SR 1000 has been given to all Saudi employees and SR 5,000 bonus to all the soldiers defending the Kingdom with Yemen forces.

Students will receive monthly salaries and students who are studying abroad were given 10% compensation for the increase in their fess. Moreover, all Saudis are exempt from paying VAT on the purchase of House for a maximum amount of SR 850,00.

All the public education up to college and comprehensive medical services was declared to be free for all the citizens.

Furthermore, some rules were applied to provide suitable jobs to the unemployed nationals, and it was also declared that until they find a job, they can receive temporary salaries, free education, training and social services.

Saudi teacher receives SR 7,500 as salary, which does not include past and recent help. He is entitled to get a loan to buy a house.

If Allah forbids, somehow any damage is caused to his house by flood or his car gets damaged, he will receive temporary house and cash from the government to repair his home and buy a new car. 

These are all the reasons, the Saudis are not protesting for the increase in prices.

Source: Saudi Gazette