What were 2 Indian girls doing at Camel Festival in Riyadh? Amazing Talent

Two Indian Girls were spotted at a Camel festival held in the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Indian sisters Nilo and Kauri were invited to this festival and they flew from India to be there on the request of the festival management.

The two sisters were called to show off their skill by making sculptures for the Camel festival. They were master of making sand sculptures of sand. They sculpted a statue out of the sand and presented their creativity at the King Abdu Aziz camel festival in Riyadh.

One of the sisters was interviewed, she said that they had contributed to many other artworks and sculptures made out of the sand and this was not the first time they were making sculptures for the Kingdom.

They had worked on the map of Vision 2030 of the Kingdom and a shepherd with a falcon and a lamb. Moreover, she explained about their work and how they worked to make these sculptures.

She said, “We place the sand in one big pile, then mix it with water, and then apply pressure to the mixture.  

Sculpture of the camel and the shepherd: The sister Nilo described that initially, they worked to understand the Saudi tradition. After that, they showcased the complicated sculpture of the camel and the shepherd.

They sculpted a Saudi shepherd wearing the traditional dress sitting beside the camel. They showcased the complicated detailing of the Camel saddle.

Nilo further said, through this sculpture, they were trying to send a message to Saudi young generation that life is full of difficulties, you will have to struggle throughout your life but never give up and if you will never desert your passion you will succeed in life.

Nilo said every sculpture took 5 days to complete and the sculpture of vision 2030 just took 3 days to complete. She further said that this was their first time visiting the Kingdom and they were very much inspired the Saudi culture.

Although Saudi Arabia is going through modernization, they are still firm to follow their traditions like traditional dresses, tea, coffee, folklore and many others. She said she has never seen such traditions anywhere around the world.

Nilo further said, she and her sister Kauri were interested in sculpting and they found their passion in this which has now turned as their profession. They wished to open their sand art museum showcasing all kind of Saudi Heritage.

Everyone is born with some skills or interest in some field as these two girls were born with the skill of sculpting with sand which has now taken them so far that they were known by many people and this was the 60th sculpture they sculpted in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Al Arabiya

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