How is a 40-year-old woman conceived today in our society?

Maturity may depend on age but the time and surroundings also matter a lot. We see and observe that of the same age, people have acted differently through the history compared to what we are doing now.

Women in any form have been center of attention in every age, in every era and throughout the history.  Recently and previously women were taken as an object subjected to be under surveillance and orders of men.

Times have changed, women have grown powerful now that they have been educated and got to know their rights. In the past, 40-year-old women were seen as an old person tired from her life, done with everything and dependent upon her children and grandchildren.

40 was a limit and still is in some localities but recently we have observed a massive change in the behavior of the women in mid-40’s or even above; they are active, they are now vibrant, they can speak up and are becoming trendy along with helping the teens in carving their future out of the hardships of their life.

Rather just doing house chores, giving birth to a lot of babies and living a low life under the cruel husbands. In the past women at her 40 was judged as quite an old women with a wrinkled face and inability to work perfectly because she underwent a lot of physical changes in her body and lost the power to stabilize her.

We believe women become mature around 40 years of age now rather than feeling old. Old is a word now defining a 60 year or so plus, being 40 is now mature, who socializes, who can drive and the one who is fresh now.

Active as a teenager, the women of mentioned age group are now helping and contributing build a future and a nation as a whole. Working as a teacher to guide, as a doctor to heal and serve, as a manager to lead and as a politician to build a nation.

Yes, women are now getting stronger, and moreover, the women of this age are mature so they can retaliate to the male dominant society we dwell in.

The woman who turns 40 today, feel fresh to makeover herself and feel stable as her life mission of producing children and bringing them up and helping them to lead a bright future somehow get completed and after that she feels herself free from every work and have a lot of time to enjoy her life by reading books, wearing trending clothes and visiting her friends and relatives.

She is an independent educated, self-esteemed and overconfident lady who does not care what people think or say about her or how they judge her.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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