How the wish to see Jinns with naked eye ruined my life?

Jinns do exist in the world. We know that Quran talks about the existence of Jinns. Jinns are made of fire and we cannot see them. Yet we hear stories of many Aamil who can see Jinns from their naked eye. Yes, you need to possess some special skills to do it.

One of my friends in my home country had memorized the entire Holy Quran. He could not study much in academics and was doing a laborious job. I can still remember, he was a 6 feet tall, strong man.

On my recent trip to my home country, I met him and it was the shock of the year. The guy who used to lift 50 Kg with one hand, was so feeble that he was not able to move his legs properly. I was concerned for him.

How did it happen to you? I asked him out of my concern. He started smiling, I saw a different kind mysterious shine in his eyes. After that, he started explaining it to me and I will try to write it in his words for you to understand.

My Friend: As you know I have memorized the Holy Quran. In the early twenties, I was too curious about the existence of Jinns. One of our Quran teachers used to tell me stories about how his friend had captured a jinni. Now he can see him with his naked eyes and that Jinn helps him out in many things.

The lives of Jinns used to fascinate me a lot. How they travel thousands of miles in a blink of an eye. I started looking for the tricks to control a Jinn. After talking to many friends, I finally got a tested method of controlling the Jinn.

The guy who handed over the method explains that if you could not control the Jinn at the time he appears, it will backfire. He gave me many tips and warned me about the dangerous outcomes which I neglected out of excitement.

The very night, I started it. I had to recite a particular Surah of Holy Quran for hundreds of times every night along with some other recitation. I used to do this in my room after Tahajjud time. I had to do it 40 nights without any interruption.

First, 10 days went smoothly, I didn’t notice anything. I thought it is not working at all. I wanted to leave it but after that, I stay determined. After almost 20 nights, I started feeling some slight supernatural movements around me. But it was not noticeable.

The days passed and the supernatural movements increased during the time I used to do the act. After 30th night, it was noticeable. I continued doing it as instructed by the Aamil who handed over the method to me.

He told me that after 30th night, you can expect the Jinn to appear any night. It was 37th night of the act I started. I didn’t see anything; it was just like my eyes got blanked. The Aalim had told me some recitation to do whenever the Jinn appears.


I had to recite them as soon as my eyes got blinded, but my mind stopped working. As if somebody has blanked my memory, I could listen to some strange voices but no idea what was that.

Suddenly, I felt that somebody has kicked me in my stomach, that was painful. I was bumped into a table placed in the middle of the room. I think my head stuck there, I got fainted.

The moment I got up, I was in a hospital and had a lot of pain in my body. My parents found me in a terrible situation in the morning when they came to wake me up. They took me to the hospital. It was revealed to them that I had been doing some abnormal activities.

I didn’t have any external injury but many disks of my backbone were misplaced. I could not move even my arm properly. I used to do laborious jobs and my father was concerned how would I be able to stand up on my feet again.

It took me 2 years to stand up on my feet again. Now, I cannot do any hard work. I don’t have any other skills to earn my livelihood. I am just relying on the small money I receive by teaching students the verses of the Holy Quran.

My lesson to everyone who is curious about the lives of Jinn to immediately stop thinking about any plan of this kind. The success rate is almost zero percent and you put your entire life at stake. Alhamdulillah, Allah saved my life, but not everyone is saved.

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