A young student died during his final exams due to stress in Saudi Arabia

Death is inevitable, no one can or has ever skipped it. All of us have a time fixed for departure and at any moment we will leave this world forever.

The death of children or youngsters just leaves us with more grief than the death of an elder person because a child has just started living the life whereas the youngsters are on the threshold of making careers, seeing happiness and pursuing the dreams of their parents.

Parents look forward to their children to grow up and become their helping hand along with growing their family. A very tragic incident happened in Saudi Arabia city Madina last week.

A young Saudi student Moaz Muslim Salloum Al-Aufi passed away during his exam at the Qais bin Saad Al Ansari high School in Madina. This was a great shock for the education staff, students as well as for his family.


It was reported by the local publication that the student was taking his exams when he started feeling ill and fainted after few minutes and fell unconsciously. He was then transferred to nearby hospital and was pronounced dead.

Omar Bernnawi, the official spokesman for public Education in Madina, claimed that the student Moaz Al Awfi died a natural death and offered his condolence to the student’s family.

Head of the Public administration for education in Madina, Nasser Abdul Karim paid condolences to the student’s family and performed prayers in the Prophet’s Mosque. The student was buried in Buqaiq al-Ghardaq. Education officials also paid their condolences to the parents.

Moaz’s father said his son did not suffer from any disease. He left the home saying his mother to pray for him. He was a good boy who was loved by his community and friends. He always dreamed of success and excellence like all other young people do.

His father was mourning and said he, unfortunately, met his death suddenly. The school principal, Mahal al-Awfi, said, “The student Moaz was in good health and did not suffer from any disease, but he felt tired during the Arabic language exam which was the last test for the first semester.

During the test, he complained he got tired and then fainted. He was willing to finish his test but we told him that he will be re-assessed in the following semester.

He further said that paramedic teams were called but he fainted so we arranged a car to take him to his home but because of his bad health, he was taken to the nearby hospital where he breathed his last as soon as he arrived there.

The principal further stated that Moaz was an excellent student and achieved outstanding grades in his studies during the last three years of his high school and his sudden death led a state of grief and sadness throughout the school.

The news of Moaz death went viral on social media and people said it might be intense stress during his exams that caused his sudden death while other said authorities should investigate the case to its extent to prevent such cases in future.

Source: Al Arabiya