This is how I booked the entire plane in just $400 – Beth

Travelling is an adventure, for it gives you all new experience every time you move from one place to another. You can learn new ways, meet other people, make friends and like in this case, can be alone in the whole plane.

A little mistake by the management from the airport agents and staff at an airport in New York made it possible for an ordinary passenger to make a history of traveling all alone in a plane, all to herself and plane crew in the cockpit and a flight attendant on board.

This extraordinary incident happened at Rochester Airport New York where a passenger named Beth posted a picture of herself in an empty plane all to herself. She posted this on Redditt, on Jan 2nd. The caption read that she had the whole plane to herself as a mistake by the flight agents.

According to her, she was meant to be in this flight with half of her previous canceled flight passengers but their flight got canceled and rescheduled but as she had left earlier for her parent’s house in the locality, she missed the announcement made later.

The flight agents somehow forgot to contact her after the flight arrangement was made for the third time, and Beth was not aware of it. She said that when she reached the airport for her flight to Washington D.C, the waiting area was almost deserted with only 45 minutes to take off.

Her fears were approved by an agent who inquired her about her presence and later on booked her alone on the flight meant to move crew members to Washington D.C.

It can be clearly seen in the picture that she is sitting all alone in a normal sized plane, making it look like a VIP flight as in an A-class flights where the number of passengers is less or the whole plane is booked for VIP movements.

According to her, there were three others members in the plane, 2 were in the cockpit and one was in the crew cabin. The crew on board was not much happy with her being tagged along all alone.

She slept for a while on an hour-long flight and did not ask for any refreshments although they did offer her the refreshment.

The safety announcement was also made, manually and she was treated like a passenger and committed that it was quite an extraordinary incident as they had never seen this before.

The problem in the ticketing system made it possible for an ordinary passenger to get a ride all alone on an empty plane. The woman felt herself like a celebrity.

According to Beth, both Captains and the crew member said they have never seen such thing happened before, but they have to do it because it was a mistake made by their ticketing agent. Although this was quite a memorable experience for her.

Source: Al Arabiya

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