11 Years old Schoolgirl committed suicide in Baha, Saudi Arabia

Children are the best of the blessings, Allah S.W.T has bestowed upon us. We love our offspring and younger ones more than anything. Parents nourish and groom their children from day one, taking good care of them and expecting better from them.

Raising a child is the most difficult task, knowing it’s habits, making them learn new things in accordance with the present and teach them better. There always remains a loophole somewhere in between.

We cannot be there every time with the children, even though the parents try their level best but still, there are certain gaps in between and which are necessary too, one way or the other, like schooling, tuitions, and sports.

Suicide among the teenagers is a major issue, for they are young and not fully qualified to cope up with all the ups and downs of the world.  

It is often seen in many cases of the suicide that children do not open up or reveal everything to their parents and keep the tension with themselves, ultimately finding an escape through death, the final resort as it seems to them.

Such one unfortunate incident happened in the city of Baha in Saudi Arabia where a primary student allegedly committed a suicide putting an end to a very short life. Life is beautiful with children around us, and losing a child of such a tender age is no less than a trauma for parents.

According to the news, the girl was a student of grade five and a very good student, well behaved and very well taken care of at home with certain basic restrictions imposed upon as per requirements and circumstances.

Her father was reported saying that one day after lunch, she offered afternoon prayer and went into her room and despite being called off, she had locked her door. Prior to this, she asked her mother if she can lock the room which her mother refused.

She was found hanging in her wardrobe with a scarf tied around her neck. She was dead when her mother went into her room near evening to check up on her.

The mother lost her consciousness and the father called in Red Crescent and Ambulance who took the child down and took her to the hospital but alas she already had lost her life.

According to the father the child was not in possession of any mobile phone or had no access to social media either, and was allowed to see certain TV channels under their own supervision, and this is what odd and amazingly surprising.

She was an A grade student as what her father Asiri was heard telling the news, she was very much active and participated in extracurricular activities in addition to her academic regularities.

The act of suicide came in as a shock. The police found no trace of violence or retaliation on the scene as well as on the body of the kid, hence the parents were not taken into any kind of interrogation or accountability.

This is indeed saddening, but a new lesson for all of us to constantly keep in touch with our children, to be their best friend and to keep a check on their acts.
May Allah protect all the children and keep us all safe.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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