Rabi’ana Ahla Festival in Jeddah – A must visit place with Family

One of our readers has shared with us her experience of visiting Rabi’ana Ahla Festival in Jeddah. She was so excited that I had to share her experience with you. I hope you would like the place.

In this article, I am going to share with you my personal experience of visiting this Festival, called Rabi’ana Ahla Festival. It’s kind of a mix of Food Festival/zoo/circus/theme park and fun activities for kids.

We really want and appreciate such activities in Saudi Arabia. I with my family visited this Festival earlier this week and it was fun. Especially my son who is 2 years old enjoyed a lot watching out different wild animals for the first time ever in his life.

It was all crowded. Some people were standing in a queue waiting to get tickets for the mini zoo, some people were eating a variety of foods and some people were busy in shopping.

There were so many stalls of food and snacks and all were crowded heavily with their customers. I had to purchase a water bottle and I waited for 5 minutes for my turn. Hence, everybody was enjoying.

Tickets Cost: Let me tell you about the Tickets for the rides. It starts from 5-10 SAR only. And for the zoo, it was for SR 10 for kids and SR 20 for the adults. We entered in the festival around 9 pm and exited around 11:30 pm.

Circus: We did not have enough time for the circus but it seemed to be fun inside as we could clearly hear the voices coming out from the circus. Anyway, we could only enter the zoo this time.

Zoo: Please note there is no entry ticket to the festival. There were more or less 25 different animals in the zoo but sadly most of them were sleeping. Among them, I could see Lion, leopard, kangaroo, pups and dog, monkeys and others.

Some people never let themselves go to any zoo since they believe it is nothing but injustice for the animals. Well, they are right to some extent. But this festival is temporary. It is still there.

The festival lasts for 55 days. If you want to avoid zoo/circus you can enjoy other activities going over there.  There were kid’s activities including face painting, drawing completion, rides and much more. For ladies, there was a huge bazaar. So hurry and enjoy before it ends.

Rabi’ana Ahla Festival is going on just behind IKEA and Ayat on King Fahad Road Jeddah.

We always blame Saudi Arabia and Saudi government for not providing us enough opportunities to have fun. Some people also say that the opportunities provided are out of their reach. So here we have a unique, cheap and good festival for families.

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