An Expat’s Saudi Citizenship canceled which he obtained 6 years ago

Some of the countries are so prosperous and the living standard is so well that every person wants to have their citizenship.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one such country but the people forget that one of the reasons the Kingdom is prosperous and well off is because of strict rules and regulations they have, they follow and they deliver.

Undoubtedly the reason for success and a quality of living being so better in Saudi Arabia is the unbiased implementation of the law.

Even if one manages to see a loophole and get the citizenship the wrong way, the authorities are always keen, they double check the records every now and then and cancel the citizenships along with heavy fines to both the offender and the local bodies involved in the crime.

A similar incident was recently reported from Saudi Arabia that the authorities have canceled an expat Saudi Citizenship after it was discovered that he obtained the citizenship illegally. He obtained this citizenship 6 years ago.

An expat named, Rakan Ali Ahmad Othman, who obtained the Saudi nationality was recently deprived off by ministerial order. This was said by the General Directorate for Civil Affairs.

He was provided with the Saudi national identity card which he to obtained by the illegal manner and therefore all subsequent documents were canceled. Most of the expat living and working in Saudi Arabia wonder that the Kingdom does not offer any citizenship to foreigners.

Allah better knows how fraudulently this expat was able to obtain a Saudi nationality and this is also yet not elaborated about how the fraud was discovered.

An individual Saudi Citizenship can be canceled if it is obtained by illegal sources like cheating, false statement and witnesses and submitting fake documents to attain a Saudi nationality, this is the rule of the Saudi Arabian citizenship system.

Moreover, always be careful before helping any foreigner to obtain a citizenship because if the nationality is revoked from that individual, it is also revoked from the citizens who helped him to obtain it by illegal means.

Moreover, they can also be sentenced to prison for more than 1 year and being involved in carrying out an act to interrupt public order.

Do you know that a foreigner who is living in Saudi Arabia for 10 long years and have legal permanent residence, who is above the age of majority, mentally fit, does not have any criminal record, earn his livelihood legally and who is considered generally moral can apply for the citizenship of Saudi Arabia by legal ways and legal means?

We have elaborated the Point System for Saudi Nationality in an earlier post.

Source: Gulf News