763 million years old Caves of Shada Mountain in Baha, Saudi Arabia

The landscape in Al Baha is a scenic sight, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. The granite rocks in this area have formed one of the hardest and towering mountains of Saudi Arabia. We are talking about Shada Mountains. The largest diversity of Flora in this area adds beauty to this place.

Height: The Shada Mountains are located at a height of 1,700 meters above the sea level. This scenic beauty is a venue for tourist activities and is soon expected to become a tourist destination and a major adventurist’s attraction. This is the highest peak situated in Baha.

The Shada Mountains hold an historic importance too. It has been famous for its granitic caves throughout the history. The ancient caves that were used by the inhabitants of the mountains many thousand years ago are situated in Shada mountains and is a beauty of this region of Saudi Arabia.

Nasser Al Shadwi, a historical researcher, who also owns a cave in Al Shada Mountain said this mountain has a unique geological formation that was used many thousands of years ago by the inhabitant of this place.

Nasser Al Shadwi was the first one who owned a cave and turned it into a tourist attraction. He renewed and sculpted and cropped it to perform a larger area to make a famous tourist attraction.

He also renewed it by making shower and taps of pure granite and paved its side roads with stones through the cave to give a look of natural tunnels just to give an adventure drive to the drivers who drive through these tunnels.

Nasser Al Shadwi played a role to introduce these mountains earlier through social media where he posted many posts introducing people to these mountains and also by publishing reports in newspapers, and lectures.

This somehow led people to know the beautiful landmark of Al Baha region and he succeeded when tourists from all around the world came to visit this place.

Extinct Animals: These caves have engraved drawings and inscriptions on walls. These drawings usually represent animals that are extinct now or animals that are found in North Africa and Southern France.

These mountains are an attractive site for anthropologists and biologists. These mountains are considered as a Global Tourist destination.

763 million years old caves: The geological formation of Shada Mountains formed a magnificent geomorphological shape over past period of times. Shadwi said it is an exceptional and unique place for geological tourists and named it as a new type of scientific tourism that adds entertainment and recreation and is also a suitable tourism spot for all students, the academic and universities.

The Geological Authorities considered these mountainous caves as one of the earliest geological formations on Earth that date back to 763 million years ago.

New Attractions: If you visit this place you will be able to see a lot of cracks that were used by an inhabitant of this mountain in prehistoric time. They built dams and also trapped rainwater in order to achieve water security and food security.

The tourism commission of Saudi Arabia is planning to arrange various adventurous sports like mountain climbing, hang gliding, zip line and much more to cater to the various segments of the society. Agriculture development and coffee harvest is also a major focus of the development program.

Source: Al Arabiya