Saudi Mother killed her son to save her daughter-in-law

The person who was killed found guilty of rage and anger and trying to kill his wife and children, but before that, his own mother killed him. The court has declared the woman innocent and set her free of imprisonment.

How did it all start?

The mother told the court that she was worried about her son and his family did not appear at a family event.

She was already worried because her son and his wife were not at good terms, so she decided to pay a visit to them in order to inquire if everything was okay and why they have not shown up in the event.

According to her, when she showed up to the house of her son, she found him acting odd and shouting for a small thing. She asked him to sit down and have a talk on the happenings but he kept on screaming and shouting in rage over his wife and daughters.

Why did the mother kill her son?

Anger is the worst enemy of a human being, making us take wrong decisions and do things which take us to the point of no return. Same happened here.

The man first discarded some important documents in rage and then shaking in fury, took a gun and came out of his room pointing it towards his wife and daughters.

The mother took a quick reaction and held her son while banishing the children and his wife out of the house in order to save them from what madness her son was doing.

This whole scene was witnessed and approved by the wife of the deceased who gave a statement to the court in favor of her mother in law, hence the charges were lifted and she was set free.

The wife said, she took her children and ran out of the house in horror and saw nothing after it. But she told the court about her husband pulling out a gun and pointing it.

In her plea, the woman has stated that while trying to pull the gun away from her son, she heard a gunshot but saw no blood and the scuffle broke between the two, but after another gunshot, her son fell off on the floor. The gun was, later on, found illegal.

4112 Saudi Mother killed his son to save her daughter-in-law (his wife) in Jeddah 02

Why did the court set her free?

The man was found lying wounded on the floor with his own mother in the house. The ambulance was called in by the neighbor who heard the gunshots. The man was declared dead with a bullet pierced under his right armpit and another wounding his left arm.

The woman, mother to the deceased was taken into the custody. During the trial in the lower court, the woman made a plea that she had not killed her son intentionally and that she was trying to save her daughter-in-law along with her grandchildren.

The court took its time to investigate. The scenario told by the mother was approved by her daughter in law so the case became much clear.

Moral of the Story

The man lost his life just because of anger, and this is why we should remain calm and sort our matters with ease rather than being hot-headed. Now he has left behind small children whom he might have brought damage if his mother was not present.

Source: Saudi Gazette