Pay SR 400,000 Hospital Bill and take your Baby Home

Sometimes a happiness comes with hardships unexpected. Such one event was seen in Riyadh where an expat found his life taking sharp turns of the event as he was poor and not a Saudi Citizen.

This news is saddening that in the Kingdom of peace, a man had to go through such ordeal just because he was not a Saudi citizen. A poor fellow was unable to pay the hospital bills in order to take his newborn back home.

Dexter Mateo, 31, Filipino took his expecting 30-year-old wife Candy to the hospital on 12 March. The baby boy was born 3 months premature and the parents were unable to take their baby home. The reason behind this is they are unable to pay the hospital bill of SR 400,000.

The parent said that they did not expect that the bill will reach such a huge amount and they never expected that they will end up with an enormous debt. Dexter said, Candy was deciding to go back to Philippine but when she found that she was pregnant she decided to stay in the Kingdom.

Candy was a diabetic and her pregnancy was critical so they planned to give birth to the baby in a lower class hospital in Riyadh. Dexter who is an office assistant for event manager of Riyadh, earns an income of about SR4,875.

He took his wife to a nearby private hospital because she was suffering from extreme pains and her water bag was burst but they did not expect that she would give birth to a baby on that day and the charges of a day in that hospital would be minimum SR 8,000 per day.

He said his baby boy Eshan was born and upon the doctor’s suggestion, he planned to transfer the baby to a government hospital the day after he was born. In Saudi Government hospital, they only treat Saudi citizens and they refused to admit the baby or treat the baby because he was not a Saudi.

They insisted the hospital where the baby born was born if they give an official statement to the Government hospital, they will accept the baby but the hospital where the baby was delivered never took any action for this.

He said the day passed and hopelessly we gave up the possibility of transferring the baby and all our problem was solving the issue of hospital bill which is increasing day by day.

Mateo was able to pay for his wife’s delivery and she was discharged from the hospital, but the baby was born premature and requires special intensive treatment for 2 months which was quite expensive.

Mateo explained his miseries that the doctor told his baby should undergo special laser treatment for his eyes so that he could not go blind, moreover he said that the current hospital was not equipped for such treatment and told them to look for an eye hospital to shift the baby there for treatment.

Mateo approached the Emir’s office for help and that referred him to the ministry of health who rejected his documents saying that he was not a Saudi national, he said that he wrote to various Saudi agencies as well as the office of president in Manila.

They referred his case to Overseas Workers Welfare Association (OWWA) but he was still waiting for a perfect response.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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