6 ways Saudi Arabia will change during the year 2018

Keeping the past insight and the concerned Kingdom we are discussing, Prince Mohammad bin Salman is and has so far proved himself to be an exception.

His Highness, King Salman and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very lucky to have such heirloom who is bringing an utmost, desired and much-needed change along with the futuristic prospect and to boost up the already stable economy of the Kingdom.

Prince Mohammad bin Salman is young, ambitious and somehow modern yet moderate and doing tremendous efforts in changing the future look of the country along with the conservative and fundamental prospect most of us have about the country.

His vision 2030 Saudi Arabia is on its way, and it is amazing. Most of the projects are under the way, out from the paperwork and on the road, on the go.

1-Aramco will be privatized: If this happens, it will be an economic boost and a fast forward towards a new era of business strategy. The only factor officials might be looking and pondering upon is the bid to the share.

A strategic partner seems to be a good option. If the privatization or IPO as they are using the term happens, this will be a record listing in the stock market as even selling 5% of the company’s share means around $100 billion.

This is a huge amount to be a part of the national treasure. The total worth expected of the company is around $2 Trillion.

2-Cinema theatres are opening this year: This year the government will grant license commercial movie theatres.

Cinemas will re-open almost after 37 years in March 2018. It is stated that the movie market in the Kingdom would be worth $1 billion.

3-Women will be seen driving: This very year from June we will see women driving in the Kingdom. The ban on women driving was lifted after the Royal Decree to allow women to drive.

Women of the Kingdom were struggling for years to get the right to drive but many got arrested for defying the ban.

4-We will see women in the audience: It was finalized in October that women will be allowed to go to the stadium to watch the match.

The general sports authority said three biggest stadiums in major cities will begin accommodating families early in 2018. It will encourage the women to participate in different sports activities.

5-Tourists will get Visas: A great opportunity for the tourist to visits Saudi Arabia. Prince Sultan bin Salman head of the Saudi tourism and national heritage commission said Tourist Visa of Saudi Arabia will be issued in the year 2018 with ambitious plans to grow its tourism industry.

The Kingdom is aiming to build resorts on about 100 miles of the sandy sea’s coastline to attract 30 million visitors a year by 2030.

6-Gas prices are increasing: Aramco, the world’s biggest oil producer jacked up the oil prices as 127% on the very start of this month. The rise in the oil prices is a reality in the Kingdom now.

The new taxes implied upon the oil and gas have caused a rise in the price, taking it to 2.04 riyals per liter, but this was expected as the government is looking for more revenues and cutting off the subsidies.

Source: CNN

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