Indonesian woman delivers a baby inside the Masjid al-Haram, Makkah

Millions of Muslims visit the Grand Mosque every year to perform their religious obligations. It is the world’s largest mosque and Islam's holiest shrine.

People from around the world converge here to perform Umrah, Hajj and to pray to the Allah Almighty.

Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage also known as mini-pilgrimage that is performed in the Holy Mosque in Makkah. It can be performed throughout the year at any time, in contrast to Hajj which is performed on the specific dates of the lunar calendar.

Men, woman, and children of every age have the right to come and visit the Holy Mosque. Recently, a pregnant Indonesian woman visited the grand mosque of Makkah to offer Umrah in Saudi Arabia. The woman was praying in the mosque and at that time she went into Labor.

On noticing the condition of the woman, the female medical team was called to help her and deliver her baby safely and securely.

The female medical team deployed the women to the Praying hall where the baby was delivered safely by the Grace of Allah. Both the woman and the baby were in good health.

The medical supervisor said that delivering the baby at that time was an easy process and they did not face any hardships.

In many countries there are strict rules, that pregnant ladies are not issued Umrah visa while in some countries, pregnant ladies are authorized to travel for umrah up to the 8th month of pregnancy.

Somehow if they are allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia for Umrah in the 9th month of their pregnancy, they have to provide their medical certificate from their doctor. The medical certificate explicitly mentions that it is safe to fly for the woman.

The Indonesian baby might not be the first baby to be born near the Holy Kaaba. There might be several babies born in the grand mosque but we are not aware of because they did not get any coverage. Although we can say that the babies are quite lucky to be born there.

Moreover, History states that Fourth Caliph of Islam Ali Ibne Abi Talib was also born near the Holy Kaaba. The mother of Hazrat Ali R.A went into labor during the Tawaf and He was born.

I must say that pregnant women should avoid visiting crowdy places, where ever it might be, we can understand the feelings of every Muslim for visiting the Holy Mosque but our life is precious, we should take care of it.

For pregnant ladies, any mishap can occur at any time and it can also cause loss of lives. Even Islam says that it is obligatory for us to take care of ourselves.

Some people think that it is something special to deliver a baby in the holy cities of Makkah and Madina. Believe me, it is not referred anywhere in Islam. Makkah and Madina are sacred cities but being born there don’t guarantee a good character or Jannah.

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