A 64-years-old Saudi man takes admission in School with his Daughter

Seeking knowledge is like an inheritance for us, only if we think and believe in it. The very first thing every normal human being does is to learn. There is no end to knowledge and education.

You may master a degree, in certain or more subjects but can never get a complete knowledge. Some of the people have this urge to continue getting more education, others leave it in their way and lead a life of ignorance.

Some people make news, others get famous but some people make and state history. One such person is an old aged citizen of Saudi Arabia who has set a new example for anyone who thinks it’s too late to seek knowledge and get educated.

This is indeed a shocking news to hear. We have never heard a man who is in his 60 will rejoin his school to complete his education, or to expand his knowledge, but this recently happened.

A 64-year-old Saudi man Abdul Salam Al-Abdullah who is a father and a grandfather decided to go back to school to resume his study. Now he is in Grade 9 and class fellow of his daughter.

A man who had retired from his position, and is at such an old age, what made him get a university degree? Abdul Salam was an employee of Saudi oil Giant Aramco and retired from his job for four years and wished to get a university degree in media.

He appeared in the assessment test and now he is in Grade 9, the same grade in which his daughter is studying. He said there is no shame if a person will seek further knowledge.

When he was interviewed by the news channel, he said that it is a good chance to study with her daughter, and said, his other kids offer to help him but he wished to study with her daughter.

She is in the same academic year and this is a good bond between us and he can seek her help whenever something seems difficult to him.

After hearing the news many people supported and appreciated him for his effort to go back to school and expand his education while many said that this is just a waste of time and money and nothing else.

Some said that Abdul Salam is a role model for our youngsters who don’t aim to study and waste their precious time and money by roaming here and there, while this man’s eyes are on education even at this age. 

He is an impressive personality. Some of the users said he is a retired person and have a lot of free time to utilize in extra activities.  Some disagreed with this decision and said he should leave the seat for the young generation, he is already getting a handsome pension from the Aramco.

One of the citizens of the Kingdom said Abdul Salam would receive our full respect and Gratitude if he devotes his knowledge about religion and devotes himself to serve the people spiritually.

It is not a big or any new thing even if he will get a media degree and he will contribute himself in the media sector.

Source: Gulf News

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