Taif Hospital terminates 3 nurses for molesting a 12 hours old baby

It is natural to be happy and smile to see a newborn baby, may it be of anyone or anywhere. Whenever we see a small kid or newborn baby, a smile spreads across our face and love can be seen in anyone’s eye.

We hold the baby with intense care for it is like a soft flower. Unfortunately, we often see people playing prank just for the sake of fun and laugh not knowing that they might hurt sentiments of many, and hurt physically the person they’re making fun of.

They were playing with the head of the newborn: One such incident was filmed and went viral, but instead being laughed at, people became angry and a strict action against the nurses was obliged by the authorities.

This very heart-breaking incident happened in Taif where the qualified nurses, who should show affection while treating the patient, mistreated a newborn by playing with his head. However, it was a part of entertainment and joy for them but a shock for the entire Kingdom.

4098 Taif Hospital terminates 3 nurses for molesting a 12 hours old baby

Children are not a toy to play with, and an infant who is already a sensitive thing should be treated with love, was abused by the careless nurses.

Scientifically the skull is the most sensitive part of the newborn, and by mistreating that part can cause any injury and lead to never-ending pain for the parents.

They made a video and posted on social media for fun but the video sparked an outrage. Nobody contained any proper information about the hospital or the nurses

The Nurses have been identified: However, we should appreciate Saudi Health Affairs who investigated the source of the video and identified the nurses who appeared in the video and the hospital where the incident took place and suspended the nurses by the order of Director of Taif Health Affairs Saleh Al-Muanis.

Abdullah Al Rabie, the spokesman of Taif Health affairs, said the video showed three nurses mistreating the baby, one was playing with the baby head and her two friends were laughing.

He said, the investigation is still ongoing and if it proved them guilty they will face severe penalties. The infant’s father was also shocked to see his baby being abused, and he should be no parent can tolerate their baby should be mistreated.

Two of the senior doctors also made their statements. Shocked they were like any other, they put forward their point of view professionally. Dr. Mamdhouh was quoted saying that such nurses and their actions were “a dark spot on the white coat”.

A Dark Spot on the White Coat: Indeed, his words are deep and so true. The faith and trust level decrease after such naïve people do non-repairable damage to their profession as a whole. People will now have trust issues handing their babies to nurses as to what they might do to them for the sake of fun.

A Professor at National Guard Hospital in Jeddah, Dr. Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, who teaches medical ethics was quoted saying that when it comes to children being victims of any such act, the harsh and strict reaction by the people is natural and understanding.

The children are not able to raise a voice or even to show what has happened to them so adults feel and speak for them. Continuing with his views he said that the people working in the medical field may it be doctor or nurses are like on probation from the public.

People expect them to respect their careers and as they are in direct contact with the public, their mistakes and flaws are exaggerated. Adding more, he said that we should all leave it to the authorities to take action against such people.

Source: Arab News