Zahir Hussain: A Pakistani driver in the Saudi Jail since 2013 for killing 4 in accident

In August 2013, Zahir Hussain, 30-year-old Pakistani driver and a father of four went to Saudi Arabia on a working Visa as a driver through an Arabian company.

He planned to earn a good living and support his family but unfortunately, in the same year, his truck collided with a car in Makkah resulting the death of four people.

He was imprisoned in Saudi Arabia and the court established that he was at fault in the accident. The court asked him to pay SR 1.3 million as Blood moneyBlood money is the financial compensation paid to the family of the victim by the offender.

Zahir’s brother, Pirzada Afridi, talked to a news channel and said the case was forwarded and the Saudi Judge after hearing the case decided that Zahir Hussain can only be released if he will pay compensation to the family.

The judge also requested the families of the deceased to forgive Zahir Hussain but they refused and asked him to pay the blood money or diyyah.

The court finally decided SR 1.3 million ($347,000), according to the article 34/8 of Saudi execution system. People who want to understand the mechanism, blood money is calculated, please refer to Blood Money (diyyah) and its Calculation.

Zahir’s family is not a wealthy family who could afford such a large amount of money to pay as a compensation and rescue Zahir from the Jail.

As said by his brother, the only income of his family is the monthly scholarship of his Ph.D. study and his elder brother Hidayat Ullah’s salary from a high school and they do not own any commercial or agriculture land.

His brother Afridi said, in 2016 his old parents in spite of their bad health visited Saudi Arabia and requested the affected families in the court to forgive Zahir Hussain as he and his family did not have the strength to arrange a huge amount of money for compensation.

The Saudi families refused to do so. Afridi said after that, his father’s heart condition and health continued to fall and he died last year due to Cardiac arrest and he is worried that his mother is suffering from the same condition and anything can happen to her at any time.

Afridi requested the Pakistani government to pay the blood money on behalf of Zahir as they are unable to arrange a huge amount of money.

He said that they can understand the sorrow of the affected families but they assure that their brother had not done anything intentionally, it was an accident and they want to secure the rescue of their brother so that he can meet his children and family.

Afridi said, “We request right activists, the government of Pakistan and the governor of KPK province to help us over his release.”

No doubt to say that Saudi government is trying its best to provide benefits to the citizen as well as to the expatriates in Saudi Arabia. The government is always trying to be just to every resident of the Kingdom.

According to Saudi law, every vehicle and driver should be insured for at least damage caused to the third party. Third party insurance in Saudi Arabia covers blood money up to SR 10 million.

If this Driver, Zahir Hussain had a valid vehicle insurance, the insurance company would have paid the blood money, But alas! No one is aware of the future happening, everybody has planned something better for themselves.

I should say that every expatriate who is visiting Saudi Arabia, as well as every local citizen, should have a valid insurance so that God forbids if they suffer from any hardship, the insurance company can help them.

Appeal by the Wife of Zahir Hussain: My husband has not yet returned his loan and is imprisoned in Makkah prison since then. Therefore, I am not even able to feed my poor children and to take care of my husband’s ill-old mother.

During this hard time, four months ago my father-in-law died in grief and poverty. Due to such hard conditions, my family couldn’t pay this penalty (Diyyat) for the whole of our life.

Therefore, in the name of Almighty Allah, as well as Muslim Brotherhood, I earnestly request you to repeal the verdict and issue orders for the release of my imprisoned husband mercifully.

I will pray for your highness all my life.

Your Muslim Sister,

Wife of Zahir Hussain

Source: Tribune PK

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