A Passenger caught at Airport carrying iPhones on behalf of a friend – Death Sentence

Whenever we plan to travel from one place to another, we usually tell everyone around us and inform them about our going back home or trip.

Some of the people around us whom we regard as our friends and family members often ask us to carry their valuables to be ported and delivered to their family back at home or other countries and understandably because international courier charges are a bit too much.

Well, there are some people who give friendship a bad name by doing inhumane acts such as we are going to tell you.

Very recently while going through the facebook or any other social media site we all might have seen a video, in which drugs were packed in a mobile box, but we were unaware of the story behind that but now the story is unveiled.

A man was stopped and drugs were confiscated from him wrapped and packed in a box of two brand new iPhones. Now as we know, at airports, rules and checking are very strict.

You have to go through certain channels, pass through scanners, your goods, and stuff is checked and customs officers along with Anti-Narcotics Force are always present there.

This man was taken in for checking. We can see in the video how the customs officer opens up the sealed pack mobile phones box, and only found powder form drugs in it and no sign of mobile phones.

The man is taken aback and according to his statement, he was carrying the mobile phones on the request of his friend who made a request to deliver them to a designated person.

The carrier was arrested and most probably he will be sentenced to death for it is a crime to carry and smuggle drugs in the UAE and many Gulf Estates as well as Saudi Arabia.

It can be clearly seen in the video with how much technique and smartness the boxes were packed, along with the appropriate stickers and wrapped up properly enough to fool normal people like us.

A normal person like me would have seen them as a mobile phone going as a gift, as sent by every other person to their families back home.

If the statement of the person is true that his friend gave him the so-called mobile phones, it is really saddening for it is the end of the trust and faith everyone has on their friends. Some losses are irreversible and the death penalty is one such.

The other side of the story may be that the person may be lying for the sake of plea and to wriggle out of the case unscathed, and this will only be proven by time.

Most of the countries have strict rules regarding drug smuggling and other crimes, and the UAE is one of them. We agree, for drugs destroy the person who uses them, causes life loss and financial loss too.

Drugs are worse in the form of self-harm and we have seen innumerable families getting affected by it. One thing is for sure, be vigilant, be very careful and don’t hesitate to say no to your friends and family if they ask you to carry any such packed or wrapped items across the border.

Life is precious, don’t make it difficult by falling prey to such hideous and inhumane people who value money more than your life. May Allah protect us all from such happenings.

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