Mishal Al-Enizi: A Saudi Hero who risked his life to save a child

The world is full of people who risk their own life to save and help others. Such humanitarian acts are committed by many people who love the creation of Allah. They are living legends. Our society doesn’t regard them as we should, but they don’t even need our recognition.

A similar case came forward when a courageous and fearless worker of Red Crescent society risk his life in danger to save a child. Saudi Red Crescent society is a society that provides emergency medical services to the people who are in some danger.

It was reported from Hail, a brave civil defense officer Mishal Al-Enizi put his life at risk to save a child who suffered smoke inhalation in a house that was caught on fire. The officer gave his own oxygen cylinder to that child to save him.

In a house caught by fire, in a room filled with smoke where breathing a couple of second could cause his death, he gave his oxygen cylinder to that child to save him. It is really a heroic act which requires the heart of a lion.

Sultan Ibrahim, the spokesman of Hail Red Crescent said Officer Mishal Al- Enizi was a part of the firefighter's team battling with fire in a house and trying to rescue the people trapped inside the burning house in Hail’s Western Sudyan District.

While fighting the battle to save the victims from the house on fire, Al-Enizi found a child who was unconscious due to smoke inhalation. He tried to save the child by giving his own oxygen cylinder to the child and was later transported to the hospital.

In the process to save the child, Al- Enizi too suffered smoke inhalation and he is now hospitalized and is under intensive care. Ibrahim said, their team rescued six victims without the need of transporting them to hospital.


Seven other victims were saved but they suffered from smoke inhalation, among them four were neighbors, two were civil defense officers and one was them was an onlooker.

Seven victims were rescued and were in critical condition. Six victims were transported to the private hospital and one was transported to King Khaled Hospital.

After the news, Twitter users started to praise Mishal Enizi for his bravery and sacrifice. Such people are truly appreciated and loved by everyone.

Humanity knows no boundary and this can be understood after the humanitarian actions committed by people like Al-Enizi.

I pray for the speedy recovery of Mishal. He is a real hero and our society, our country and the world at large needs people like him. The people who put their duty above everything.

The Saudi Government should also step into this matter and reward the firefighter for his courageous act. Really, he saved a life from imminent death. The reward does not compensate his effort but encourages others to do the same.

Indeed, a greater reward is waiting for him in the life hereafter.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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