10 countries in the world where next year will not be 2018

Calendars are used to record the days gone and coming, in accordance with the sun, or moon or the cycle of the earth. Gregorian calendar is used and internationally synchronized, making it easy to make plans and easy to follow.

Many old civilizations and religious as well as local calendars based on seasons are used in different parts of the world. Now we shall tell you, in brief, about what year is to start in different parts of the world.  

10-People of Ethiopia will start the year 2011: The Ethiopian calendar is based on the ancient calendar of Alexandria. It is 8 years behind the regular solar calendar. It has 13 months.

12 months consist of 30 days and the last 13th-month consist of just 5 or 6 days, it depends on a leap year. The new day starts with the sunrise.

09-People of Thailand are going to celebrate the year 2561: The people of Thailand follow Buddhist lunar calendar. The chronology starts from the moment Buddha achieved Nirvana. The Buddhist calendar is also used in Sri-Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.

Gregorian calendar is also used in Thailand and exception are always made for foreigners.

08-People of Russia will start 2018, with the majority: People of Russia follow the Gregorian calendar. This calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory Xlll in place of the Julian calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar on January 1, the New Year will begin.

The difference between these 2 calendars today is 13 days, and it increases by 3 days every 400 years.

The Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582 in Catholic countries, and it was gradually distributed to other countries. According to it, on January 1, the year 2018 will begin.

07-The Hebrew year 5778 will start in Israel: Israel official uses Hebrew calendar along with the Gregorian calendar. According to Hebrew calendar, month start with the new moon and the first day of the year (Rosh Hashanah) can only be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.

Hence while following this, the previous year is extended for one day. The chronology of the Hebrew calendar started with the very first moon that took place on October 7, 3761, BC, at 5 o’clock and 204 parts. One hour in the Hebrew calendar consists of 1,080 parts and each part is 76 moments.

06-In Iran, the year 1396 will start: The people of Iran and Afghanistan follow the Persian calendar which is also known as solar Hijri calendar. The solar calendar was created by a group of Astronomer including Umar Khayyam, a well-known poet.

The chronology starts from Hijra just like the Islamic Calendar. It is also based on the solar year and the month stays in the same season. The week start with Saturday and ends on Friday.

05-Indians are to set foot in the year 1939: The Indian national calendar was introduced in 1957. This calendar is based on the calculation of the Saka Era, the ancient system of Chronology that widespread in India and Cambodia, there are several another calendar that is followed in India.

04-Japan is going to start year 30: Japanese follow two chronologies. Like the majority of the world, they follow and use the Gregorian calendar, for it is used internationally but there also is a traditional one.

The traditional one is based and calculated on the emperor’s ruling period. Both the dates are mentioned in the official documents.

The traditional year is given a name, it is not exactly a year, it is more like an era, for now since 1989, “an era of peace and tranquility” is being observed.

03-China will cross the threshold of the year 4716: The Chinese calendar is cyclic and is based on the astronomical cycle of Jupiter. Within 60 years the Jupiter revolves around the sun 5 times and that is the five elements of the Chinese calendar.

Jupiter completes its revolution around the sun in 12 years. These years are usually names as animals. 2018 Gregorian year will be the year of Dog in China.

02-North Korea will ring in the year 107: The people of North Korea are using The Juche Calendar since July 8, 1997, together with Christ birth chronology.

Their calendar started in 1912, with the birth year of Kim ll-sung, the founder and the eternal president of North Korea.

01-1439 Hijri will be followed by Saudi Arabia this year: Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country and it follows Islamic lunar calendar. The chronology starts from Hijra, the date of Prophet Mohammad and the first Muslim migration to Madina (622 AD).

According to this calendar, the new day and date start with the sunset. The month begins with the sighting of a new moon (the crescent moon).

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