A drunk Saudi driver who killed 6 members of a family executed in Riyadh

He was driving the car fully drunk: A Saudi driver Mohammad Al-Qahtani was responsible for the death of six members of a Saudi family, four years ago in Riyadh Al-Yasmeen district. Recently, it was reported from Riyadh that this motorist was executed on Tuesday.

Mohammad Al-Qahtani was 41 years old, Saudi motorist who was driving his car under the influence of Alchohol, somehow crashed his vehicle into another car causing the death of six Saudi citizens.

The victim was driving a new Audi: Abdul Malik Al-Dihaim, his four sisters Hissah Al-Dihaim, Nada Al-Dihaim, Nuha Al-Dihaim, Abeer Al-Dihaim and their niece Norah Al-Dihaim died on the spot.  Al-Jowhara Al-Dihaim was his niece, who was also badly injured in that accident.

After the accident, the sources stated that Abdul Malik was a student in Britain, he visited his home to perform pilgrimage in October 2013. After performing the pilgrimage, he spent some hours with his family and took his sisters and two nieces on a ride in his new Audi.

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The drunk driver was driving at a speed of 200 KPH: Abdul Malik was driving the car and it was about 1:45 a.m. the drunk driver Mohammad Al-Qahtani who was driving his car at 180 to 200 km per hour, crashed into the pavement and then hit the Audi that topple over and caused the death of five innocent people on the spot. 

Abdul Malik, his four sisters, 19-year-old Abeer, 21 years old twins Nada and Nuha, 25 years old Hissah. His 3 years old niece Norah died 3 days after the accident as she suffered a critical brain injury. The youngest victim of this accident was Al-Jowhara who got multiple fractures.

Al-Qahtani wanted to die in the accident: Sources stated that at the time of paramedic arrived there they found Mohammad Al-Qahtani was heavily drunk and was driving his car at unlimited speed. However, Al-Qahatni too was remorseful after the incident and wished to die as he said he did not deserve to live.

According to Al-Qahtani, he was a patient of AIDS for 15 years. After his diagnosis, his relatives and friends disowned him and cut the contact with him. He was desperate and was left homeless and family less for several months before he started his treatment at a medical center in Riyadh.

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He is already an HIV Positive: He said he wanted to contact his family but they didn’t want to keep any contact with him and they continued changing the house.

He said that later he became a helper at AIDS organization to help the people who were suffering from the same disease he was suffering, as he can easily understand their pains and feelings.

He does not remember anything: He further explained that, after some time, he became stable, he found a good job and rented an apartment. He married a woman who was also an AIDS patient, he met him through the Government’s program to marry AIDS victims safely.

He was about to plan his new life with her when the night of the accident happened. He said all he remembers was that he was driving and his car crashed into another car and then he lost consciousness.

It was the end of his life: He said when he woke up, he found himself in the hospital hearing that five people had died in the accident and after 3 days one more victim of that accident died. He said, all my efforts to build a better life for myself were completely ruined.

We all know that Alcohol is prohibited in Islam because a person completely lost his consciousness after taking it, so we should avoid taking Haraam and forbidden things and should try to expel these out from our lives because such things only lead us in danger.

Source: Saudi Gazette