Saudi man donated his kidney to a stranger girl without even meeting her

Humanity knows no boundaries. Loving the creation of Allah is one of the best deeds to be done in this world. We always see selfish people around us but in between such kind-hearted people are still present who act without any reward or gree.

Their only reward rests with Allah and within their own heart. Such people are less but still, present around us. One such example was seen in Saudi Arabia recently.

A Saudi citizen of Tabuk performed a sympathetic and humanitarian act by donating his kidney to a girl who was a stranger to him.

Wijdan Al-Eniza was a patient of Chronic Kidney disease since she was six and was undergoing Dialysis for 10 years. Dialysis is a process in which toxins and extra water are removed from the blood and it helps the Kidney to function normally for a temporary time.

Due to her kidney disease, her health was failing day by day. She was in search of a kidney donor, who could put an end to her pain and help her to lead a pain-free life.

When a 34 years old Saudi man, Mohammad Jomaah Al-Banna, a private sector employee, came through this news, he pledged to help that girl by recalling the Prophetic saying that “Allah aids his slaves who offer help to their Muslim brothers”.

He finally decided to donate one of his Kidney to that girl. When he was interviewed, he said the main motive behind this act was just to serve the mankind to enjoy an agony free life and he hoped that Allah would reward him something better hereafter.

He said keeping this motive in mind he vowed to help that girl and never ever thought to change his mind.  He further explained that he never told anyone about his donation but after the surgery, it was obvious that everybody knew about it.

His family members admired him for helping that girl just to put an end to her suffering. Mohammad Al-Banna said that he headed to the King Salman Armed Forces Hospital in Tabuk and explained that he wanted to donate one of his kidneys.

His kidney was to be donated to any person whose blood group would be compatible with his blood and the one who is in urgent need of a kidney transplant.

After some time the doctor suggested him to donate his kidney to the girl Wijdan Al-Eniza. He accepted and medical procedures were taken. He said before that, he never knew about the girl or her family.

The father of that girl Mubarak Al-Eniza emotionally expressed his feeling and said that every day he wakes up and expected to hear the news of his daughter's death. His daughter was fighting the disease and it was just like a family member who was sentenced to death.

He further said that everyone can understand what we were going through and how desperate and hopeless we were. We always looked at her as a person who was about to die, he added.

The father was very thankful to the man and said he really could not find any words to thank and appreciate Al-Banna, who gave his daughter a candle in the dark.

Source: Arab News