An Expat killed the lover of his wife, dumped it on a street in Jeddah

It was reported from Jeddah that an East Asian expatriate killed an Indonesian acquaintance just because he suspected that Indonesian had an affair with his wife.

The husband murdered his friend and later threw his body in the trash in Al-Naeem district of North Jeddah. The police were called by the citizens who informed them about the dead body of an Indonesian found dumped in the street.

On reaching there, police cordoned the scene and revealed clues from the witnesses that a man with East Asian features leaving the crime scene in the victim’s car. The witnesses told the police that the man was carrying an infant in his hand to which the police suspected that the infant was the victim’s son.

The victim was killed by a sharp object; this was stated after an initial investigation by the police. Police were able to contact the victim’s wife who confirmed that her husband was an Indonesian, who lived in the country illegally and worked as a masseur in Al-Basatin district.

When the police showed her the picture of the suspect, she confirmed that he was his husband acquaintance with whom he was having some dispute but she was unaware of the matter of the dispute. 

After completing the preliminary investigation, police struggled to search the suspect. They searched for him at his workplace but came to know that he had disappeared from there after the day he committed the crime.

As we are aware of the efficient action taken by the Saudi police, they were able to find him in deserted land in Al-Rabwah district where he was hiding.

During the investigation, the suspect confessed his crime and said that he killed that Indonesian man with a sharp knife and threw his dead body in the trash.

He said he killed the man because he suspected that there was an illegal affair between the Indonesian man and his wife. The murderer is now handed over to public prosecution.

The body of the Indonesian man who was found murdered in a street in Al-Naeem district of north Jeddah.

There is nothing wrong to say that a man can never tolerate his wife having an illegal affair with any other man, but whatever the matter was, the East Asian man should have talked to his wife first or divorced her rather than committing a sin of murdering the man.

He killed the Indonesian man about whom he too was not sure as he said he suspected that his wife and the man had an illegal affair.  He knew that he somehow did wrong in haste and hid from the fear to be caught by the police.

We got a lesson from the above story that we should think twice before taking any step and stop taking quick actions on doubt basis because that might lead us to several problems.

I really don’t understand why people take this kind of actions. Before taking this kind of extreme action, just think for a while if you have not committed any sin? What if people starting responding to your sins in this way?

Source: Saudi Gazette

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