A Saudi reporter gets traffic ticket while reporting on traffic violations

Abiding Traffic rules can prevent a lot of accidents, save precious lives and save people from inconvenience. In Saudi Arabia, many people usually park on the main roads instead of proper parking area just because they are in a hurry.

The Traffic Police has imposed heavy fines and tickets are given to any violators no matter what, but still, they have some reasons to justify themselves saying that they were in hurry or they did not found any proper parking place.

The program Allah Ya’tik Kheriha is aired on Saudi television and recently it aired a traffic awareness segment for the public. Journalists who report for some public situation are hardly found as the part of the story.

While covering any public issues, the journalists have to be very conscious that they are following the rules and regulations as per requirement. The particular news we are talking about has a funny twist in it as the reporter was issued a ticket for violating the law he was covering.

Abdullah, a reporter for the show Allah Ya’tik Kheriha, was reporting on a traffic violation but forgot that he too was the part of that traffic violation.  He hit the busy road of Riyadh to report a large amount of a Traffic violation in the city.

He was talking to many violators, motorist for parking their vehicles illegally.  As we all know parking cars illegally or in public places cause unusual traffic jam which disturbs the discipline of the traffic.

It is often said that if you want to judge the discipline of the city, judge by its traffic rules and situation. While reporting on the traffic violation, Abdullah too got a ticket for parking his car illegally, and he was surprised to learn that he too became a traffic violator.

At the end of the report, it was seen that Abdullah was talking to the police cop. One of the show presenters, Youssef Al-Jarrah satirically said, “A message to Abdullah from me and everyone on the show: You deserve the ticket!”

Source: Arab News

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