5 common reasons you are gaining weight while sitting in the Office

Sooner or later people with a desk job face the problem of gaining weight. This is because sitting at your desk for long work hours has bad effects on your body and the way your organisms work. We have listed 5 common things that people with desk jobs normally do which affects their weight and how to prevent it.

1-Eating for the sake of company: It happens quite often that a coworker’s birthday comes up and you end up eating a slice of cake or even more if there are extra things that come with the cake. Apart from that bringing stuff like homemade cookies or some other snacks to work makes you end up eating a lot.

You don’t even realize at the moment how this is contributing towards your increasing fats. To prevent this from happening, hide your cookies and other stuff in kitchen jars and learn to politely refuse snacks from coworkers.

2-Not eating mindfully: When you leave for work, you make up our mind to have a healthy lunch. But after a tiring and stressful day at the office, you usually get over the worry of eating healthy and look towards treating yourself with unhealthy and tempting food.

This is where you go wrong, and this cycle repeats itself every day. To prevent this from happening, make a list of what you will eat for the week and follow the list strictly. This will also give you an idea how many times you have eaten unhealthy throughout the week.

3-Lighting and room temperature: Research states that lighting and room temperature affects your appetite. Dimly lit rooms and a cozy temperature makes you feel hungry. To prevent overeating because of this factor, take a short walk after some while at your desk to freshen yourself.

This also lights up your mood. If your office is cold, grab a sweater or talk to the administration for the temperature that suits you better.

4-Working after hours: Working at the office for long hours even after the end of office hours makes your life unbalanced. With too much work and no other activities, your life gets disturbed.

Long office hours mean no exercise and lack of sleep. This makes you lazy and the lack of sleep disturbs your hormones which cause regulation of our appetite.

This causes you to be hungrier and that too, more often! To avoid this, sleep well and do more physical activities. If you don’t have time do simple things like taking the stairs instead of an elevator and walk to work instead of hailing a cab or taking a bus!

5-Stress and deadlines: A consistent level of stress at work can be one of the major reasons for weight gain. This happens especially when one is approaching deadlines. High levels of stress increase levels of the hormone cortisol, triggering fat and sugar cravings.

Stress also makes us forget about eating healthy or working out. Also, many people eat more in during stress. To avoid this, keep doing some physical activity and try to get good sleep. Do not eat more in stress as it does not help in any way. To reduce the levels of stress, try different relaxation exercises.

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