Saudi Father arrested for trying to murder his newly born son

A father tried to kill his newborn in public in Dhiba Governorate. This is indeed a shocking news for everyone. Father is said to be a protector or a shield of his children but this father became a direct threat to his child.

History is full of incidents related to parents and children love. Sometimes parents sacrifice their life for their children and sometimes they try to sacrifice their own children.

How can parents be so cruel to their own kids?

Incidents like parents killing or slaughtering their own children for an unpredicted reason is rather a shock for everyone. If we go back to 2005, we heard a news of a Pakistani father who slaughtered his four daughters to save his family honor, and he was not ashamed of his crime.

Whenever we hear an incident like this, the first question that comes to our mind is, how can parents be so cruel to their own kids?

Parents are said to be the protector of their children, how they can ill-treat or harm them?  

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How did it happen? 

It was reported from Tabuk region in Saudi Arabia, a father entered with his newborn baby into Al-Muwailih School’s courtyard. He was carrying a blade in his hand.

People said that he laid down his son to slaughter him and screamed out that he will slaughter him because his inner voice was telling him to do.  The school staff and the students were horrified to see such a scene. The staff immediately started to save the child by dragging him away from the father.

I feel sorry to call him a father. A father is a symbol of love and affection for the child. After mother, the father is the one who protects his child.

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The Incident was reported to the Police

This incident was reported to the police and the police immediately responded to snatch the newborn from the father and return back to his mother, said by Tabuk Police Director Maj. Gen. Mohammad Al-Tamimi.

He further said that the father was arrested and he was diagnosed with mental issues. Emir of Tabuk Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz supervised the incident and ordered a full sociological and psychological report of the state of the entire family of the newborn.

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How did the father enter the School?

During the investigation, the school Principal Wael Al-Aqbi said that the school was guarded and sealed but the man sneaked through one of the corners of the school, that was under construction. Al Aqbi said that he ordered his teachers to snatch the baby from him and reported the police.

He said that the teachers surrounded him throwing their shumagh and igaal at him, at that time he started to get dizzy and lost consciousness and teachers were able to snatch the baby from him and handed the baby to his uncle.

Expected Punishment

The lawyer Ibrahim Al-Basha said that the father is sentenced to a year of imprisonment and the father should lose custody of the child.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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