Ibrahim Abu Thuraya – A Palestinian with no legs shot dead by Israeli army

Some people are so brave that their enemies fear them even if they are unarmed. Their bravery is their willpower and not fearing the death. These are the real heroes, they do not kill anyone, they do not hurt anyone but they are feared, their minds are strong, their will is strong, they do not fear death.

Yes, such people do exist, but unfortunately, the wars and the conflicts have always taken such people away from us. They are born in such wars and die within them too but their stories remain to be told to the upcoming generations for thousands of years.

Palestine has been occupied forcefully and human rights violation is at the peak. Palestinians are fighting and protesting against the occupying of their homeland by the Israeli forces for a long time now. Most of them are protesters against the oppression.

Israeli forces hit and attack the civil population time to time which is very sad and against every law known. Loss of precious lives and buildings and children living in a fear is a worse thing happening there.  

Recently the Government of the U.S led by President Trump made an announcement of recognizing the Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This stirred up anger and chaos in every Muslim country around the world. Every country stood up for this unfair decision.

The protests broke up everywhere, including Palestine where activists and people came on roads holding placards and flags.

Many went to the border along with Israel. The Arab League also strongly criticized the Trump’s statement and warned that Trump's statement will only deepen tension, and anger and threatens to plunge the region into more violence and chaos”.

Recently news came that disabled Palestinian was shot dead by the Israeli military in Jerusalem protest. 29 years old Ibrahim Abu Thuraya who had lost his legs and kidney during an air strike and was wheel-chair bound was protesting against the decision of president Trump.

He was shot dead by Israeli military last Friday in the eastern city of Gaza with the Israeli army said it opened fire on the main leaders of violent protest near Gaza Border.

Thuraya’s brother Samir said that he was injured in 2008. He was targeted by an Israeli helicopter because he brought down the Israeli flag and raised the Palestinian flag along the border.

Whatever the situation he faced, nothing stopped him from representing for Jerusalem. It was reported that Thuraya was regularly seen protesting with other Palestinian activists. Thuraya washed the cars for his living and hoped to go abroad and get prosthetic legs. 

2 days before his death, his Facebook video went viral in which he was seen walking on his hand without a wheelchair and saying “this is our land and we are not going to give up, America has to withdraw its declaration.”

 After this video, his death was said to be a perpetrated murder and not a military action or shot for security necessity. Moreover, he was unarmed at the time of protest as seen in photographs and it is said that he was shot by a sniper.

A 31-year-old Yasser Sokhar was also killed in the same protest. Health ministry official Ashraf Al-Kidra stated that 82 Palestinian were injured on Gaza border, among them, 5 are seriously injured.

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