A fatherly educational act: A Saudi teacher who cleans pupil’s clothes

Teachers are of great importance to mankind. They put out all the effort to make us learn things. Whatever we are today, we owe to each of our teachers. After parents, children seek guidance from their teachers.

Teachers have great status. The teachers provide guidance, enhance capabilities, nourish mentality and help the students develop behavior acceptable by society. The teacher has to put a lot of effort to widen up the thinking horizon of the pupils. The teacher is the one who polishes the skills and capabilities of each of the pupil.

The teacher’s task is indeed difficult, every student has a different capability, views, and capacity. Taking care of each of the students and being concerned for every student just to make them learn the proper thing is indeed a tedious task.

Everyone is bound to respect them even Islam teaches us to be obedient to our teachers. The teacher has the right to its students to be respected. The instructor shall be honored for his/her services. It is the duty of pupils to respect their teacher as they respect their parents. One should use low tone and humble words as his guide.

Yet, the pupils also have rights upon the teacher. The teacher shall fulfill his responsibilities loyally. The teacher shall exhibit true knowledge and shall respect every student’s learning capacity.

He shall adopt a teaching methodology which is most suitable and convenient for all students. It is the duty of the teacher to make sure that whatever is being taught is completely learned by every student.

A Saudi teacher, in this regard, has set an example. A Saudi teacher picture was uploaded to social media. In the very picture, the teacher had been captured cleaning the clothes of his little student.

The small boy’s dishdash got dirty due to chocolate stains. The boy studies at a primary school located in the southern town of Bisha.

The teacher when saw his dirty dishdash, started cleaning it by himself. The teacher is of view that the students can learn through words and actions. He wanted his student to get used to cleanliness. It is duty bound on teachers to make them learn these manners since their small age.

The Saudi teacher claims that for him his pupils are like his sons: for him, there is no difference between his sons and his pupils. Indeed, it is ‘A fatherly educational act'. The teachers shall treat all their students like their own children.

They should try out the best to make them learn good deeds and manners from an early age. We hope that the world will be blessed with such fatherly teachers who are most concerned about their pupils’ learning. 

The example set by the teacher is wonderful! We salute our teachers who are dedicating their efforts for the betterment of their students!

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