Saudi Arabia launches scholarship program for Pakistani student

“Read” is the first word, the very first order sent to The Holy Prophet by Allah Almighty in The Quran so we can see the importance of education. Even before these, the Holy Scripters were in written form and the only History and people alive even after death are the ones jotted in the books.

History has been preserved in the books, by the educated people of then, making it easy for us to know and learn what they did, their inventions, their discoveries, and research.

Education is a need of time, has been a need of every time and will remain a most important part of our lives in the future. Science and technology, Health and Finance all are due to better and quality education. Higher Education is expensive, given in the present circumstances and inflation.

There always have been People as an individual and organizations as well as governments and institutions who are providing the willing and worthy students with scholarships in order to attain higher education in a better atmosphere and without money.

This is an aid, for it is like helping the needy in getting what they desire and require. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is well known for helping its Muslim brothers and sisters around the world, in one way or the other.

Pakistan enjoys very good relations with Saudi Arabia. In the light of such ties, Saudi Arabia has recently announced scholarships for Pakistani students in undergraduate programs. A much awaited and appreciated step.

This news came up when The Education Minister Ahmed Al-Eissa met Pakistani Ambassador Hasham bin Saddique and informed him of the scholarships and the quota being reserved for Pakistani students in various universities in the Kingdom and it will help the students of both countries to benefit from the educational opportunities.

The first secretary of political and media affairs at Pakistan embassy, Sardar Mohammad Khattak praised Saudi government for their generous deed of offering scholarships for Pakistani students and said the Ambassador Hasham bin Saddique asked the Education Minister to ease the operation of two purpose-built schools building in Riyadh and Dammam.

He further said there are 10 Pakistani school buildings in the Kingdom and they all are rented. He further said that they are working on two complexes in Dammam and Riyadh and they will be built according to Government description.

This is indeed a golden opportunity for Pakistani student because students are always in search of such institutes. A very kind and generous step taken by the Saudi government.

Source: Arab News

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