10 Useful Tips for raising Muslim Children in Saudi Arabia

Raising a child is undeniably a great responsibility. The parents have to raise their children in a way that they turn out to be good human beings. The future of the child would merely depend upon their upbringing. The parents shall have special consideration while raising their children.

The parents shall be responsible for their conduct when they become adults. The Muslim parents have to make sure that their children are raised according to Islam and that they would become good Muslims in future.  

Here are ten tips which every parent and parent-to-be shall go through and practice in order to raise well behaved and well-mannered children.

1-Praise the child: When children do something wrong, we often get angry and respond to it. Why not respond when they do something good?

Try to appreciate your child’s work. Try to praise them in front of others. This would help in building their confidence. Praise your child’s good habits, marks, and other activities.

2-Say no to the comparison: Never compare your child to others. Never let them feel that they are inferior or useless.

The comparison will lead to building complexes. Avoid comparing children with their siblings: they will start to have a feeling of annoyance and even hatred for their own siblings.

3-Let them play: Children need to play. Let your child play: spare a time for them to play. Don’t abandon them from playing because they make noise or make home a bit messy.

Let them, they are children and they shall play. Playing enables them to establish characteristics such as teamwork and creativity and help them to become physically strong.

4-Ask their opinion: Always involve your child in decision-making processes. Take their opinion and respect it. Don’t laugh at their opinion nor make a joke out of it as it would shatter their confidence.

5-Let them ask a question: Not discourage the questions asked by the child. Always welcome their quires and help them understand. It is their age of learning. Let them learn.

6-Fulfill your promise: Try to make a promise that you can fulfill and abide by it. Never make a promise that is not possible for you to fulfill. It causes negative impacts on the child: he won’t trust you nor will get into a habit of keeping to his words.

7-Help them when they need it: If a child faces a failure, don’t blame him/her. Try to build their confidence. Give them hope that they can succeed. Help them to become stronger and face challenges. Let them stand up after they fall.

8-Speak politely with your child: Don’t use harsh words with your child and always make use of words like “thank you” and “please” with your child. Say them “sorry” when you have done something wrong.

9-Let them become good Muslims: Abide by your prayers and make them do so. Make them learn the religion through your acts and deeds. Children are quick learners and their biggest source of learning is their own parents: be a good Muslim to make them one.

10-Love them: Love your child, spare a time for them. Always tell them how important they are to you. Always make sure you express your feelings towards them. Tell them they are truly a gift for you.

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