Malak Youssef, “Miss Saudi Arabia” taking part in “Miss Arab World” contest

Entertainment is what we look for, after a hectic daily routine, to cheer ourselves and to divert our brains to something interesting and thrilling. Starting from the carnivals and fairs held in the village and towns to lavish and glittering glamorous exhibitions and shows, everyone around the world finds one thing or the other interesting.

Beauty contests are one of such events held around the world. Starting from Provincial level, making it to the national level and qualifying for the International pageants till the point of elimination or selection for the finals and finally being chosen as a winner.

These shows are heart throbbing for many beauty conscious and media related people in the world. The pageants are held in different parts of the world, with different categories and titles. One such Pageant or an event is Miss Arab World held in Egypt.

One candidate among others took us all by surprise. Miss Saudi Arabia! Malak Youssef! The Saudis are shocked for they have never ever heard of Malak Youssef before. She has become a new matter of discussion for every Saudi citizen.

Malak is the second woman from Saudi Arabia to participate in ‘Miss Arab World’ held in Egypt. She was nominated by Saudi civil society organization. Before her, Saudi Noda Mour was the first woman from Saudi Arabia who competed in the same beauty contest in 2009 and won the title.

Malak Youssef explained her feelings to the news site. She said she was proud to represent her country in the competition. On seeing this news people are discussing this matter because they have never heard of Malak Youssef before.

They said that she should be accused of this, along with the organization who gave her this title. How can they crown a beauty queen to represent the Kingdom when no one in the country even knows anything about it?


No one was satisfied with her, firstly, for her participating in the pageant because Saudi Arabia never hosts any official beauty contest. People criticized her for going against the tradition. They said this is not the part of their tradition or religious values. Some were having another reason regarding her beauty.

While a beautiful sentence was said by a social media user in answers to all the questions, “Beauty pageants aren't only about physical appearance. There are other things jury members often take into consideration, like intellect and personality. She was nominated because she deserves it; to bully her and make fun of how she looks is simply unacceptable.” 

This is true we should stop bullying and blaming her and the more insolent thing is when you ridicule someone to make others laugh. If we are very keen about our religious values, so we should know making fun of other is not the part of our religion. Bullying or ridiculing other is forbidden in our religion.

As it is said in our Holy Quran, O you who have true faith, do not let men make fun of other men – perhaps they may be better than the other (a group of men). Also, do not let women make fun of other women as they may be better than the other group of women.

Source: Gate Ahram

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