Top 10 Favorite Destinations by De Pecol who visited every country in the World

Fond of traveling? Want to explore the wonders of nature around the world? There are a lot many people who want to travel for sake of enjoyment, yet the difficult task is, where to go?

The world is huge and every part of it is unique, but not everyone is as lucky as De Pecol to travel the whole world. Nevertheless, one can take her expert opinion about which places one should travel! Cassanda De Pecol is the first youngest women to travel all the 196 sovereign nations.

Her journey was 18 months and 26 days long.  Breaking the Guinness world record, she is the youngest person, till date, to travel all the sovereign states within the shortest span of time.

After her tour, she has revealed the top 10 favorite places out in the world. Well not everyone can find sponsors to travel the world, yet you can travel these ten places as they have been the favorite ones of a worldwide traveler!

10-The United States of America:  Being brought up in the USA, Cassanda loves her home country.  She says that as she traveled the whole world and realized that home is where the family is.

Not only she likes it because she is emotionally attached to it, but the USA is a country rich in nature.  She has specially mentioned the falls in New England as a place worth visiting.

We have also explained the Procedure to Apply for U.S. Visit Visa in detail.

9-Costa Rica, Central America: The Republic of Costa Rica is a country in Central America. The young traveler loves it because of its volcanoes and good music. She has also emphasized upon the fresh fruit available there an abundance of monkeys.

8-Peru, South America: The Republic of Peru is a country in Western South America. A country blessed with the natural bounties. Peru is a country where about 60% of the land is possessed by rainforests. De Pecol loves her stay at Peru.

7-Tunisia, North Africa: According to the traveler, this country allows one to enjoy the northern African culture with a feel of Middle East. Also, it is rich in archeological history.

The country is one of the ideal countries which is beautiful and has a high human development index as well. The young traveler was blown away by its town Sidi Bou. All the GCC iqama holders can get visa-free entry to Tunisia.

6-Oman, Arabian Peninsula: Oman is an Arabian country located on the southern Peninsula. The beautiful country gives a boost to its economy through tourism revenues. There are many recommended Places to Visit in Oman.

Cassanda had a great experience learning a different lifestyle from its locals living in mountains. She got completely immersed in the mountains and deserts of Oman. All the GCC iqama holders are entitled to get an on Arrival Visa at Oman.

5-Pakistan: The Republic of Pakistan is a country in Asia. It is a country rich in real and raw Asian culture. The traveler also loved the food of Pakistan. There are many recommended Places to Visit in Pakistan.

4-Vanuatu, South Pacific: An island Nation located in South Pacific Ocean. One can experience to meet the humblest and kind people here. De Pecol mentions here the great experience of learning how to make Kawa (green tea).

3-Maldives: It is an Island Country located in South Asia. Cassanda was amazed to experience it's blue water, white sands and amazing sandbanks. They are unique and stunning! We have explained a full Plan to Visit Maldives from Saudi Arabia.

2-Bhutan: Bhutan is a country which allows one to learn values to lead a peaceful life. Cassanda loved her visit to Paro Taktsang and still remember her trekking experience with low clouds there.

1-Mongolia: A landlocked eastern state of Asia, Mongolia, allows one to completely get immersed in its wilderness. Also one can experience a great ride on its wild horses!

So these are top ten destinations picked up by Cassanda. Which one will you pick for your next trip?

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