A woman married in Jeddah – has two husbands living in the same city

There are certain Islamic Shariah and Country rules which we do not follow but if no one is being hurt physically or mentally, it can be overlooked or thought about. When a person does something against all the rules and regulations set by the state, he ethically seems to be against nature and our thoughts, they hurt the most.

Marriage is a beautiful bondage between the two souls, binding and keeping them together to live and enjoy, to stand and cherish the moments of life and to pass through thick and thin, and ups and downs of life.

Father of a girl or bride to be has been announced and declared as the guardian in Shariah Law meaning that without the consent of the guardian the bride cannot be married to anyone. In accordance with Shariah Law, a woman can be married to one man at a time only.

If she wishes or wills to marry someone else she has to take a divorce, complete a certain period of time (Iddah) and only then can she marry another man. Some people do extraordinary unlawful acts which seem to be the act of stupidity but also a cause of anger.

A father to a bride in Saudi Arabia did the same. According to the sources and news following up, it is said that he re-married his daughter to another person without getting her a divorce or even informing the husband, moreover not even telling the second husband that his daughter was already married.

Shocked? Angry? Yes, indeed it is not only forgery or falsehood but also something against every law known to the human kind, both ethically and religiously. Absurdly, the father is defending his deed while being held in for questioning.  

She has 2 Husbands at a time: According to the case document, the woman lived with her husband for two months before he left the Jeddah area for some work and the wife went to live with her family. This decision was made by the couple.

During the period of her husband absence, the woman’s father married her to another man saying that this was the first marriage of her daughter but later he came to know from his wife that he was the second man in her life, she was already married to her relative.

When her first husband learned about his wife marriage, he somehow managed to contact his wife’s second husband to know the truth and explained to him that he never divorced the woman who is his wife.

It was a worrying moment for both the men, they both filed a lawsuit against bride father. During the investigation, the father was having a statement to prove himself innocent. He said, his daughter husband divorced her but forgot to apply divorce papers due to some financial crisis.

He also claimed that there were some financial issues between the couple, but the man denied this statement. The prosecution found that the time period between both the marriages was quite short and the obligatory time period which was compulsory to follow after the divorce was not followed.

The father should be punished harshly for violating religious rules and not respecting the covenant of marriage.

Source: Saudi Gazette