12 Nurses jailed for presenting fake degrees for Saudi Visas

Saudi Arabia provides lots of jobs for the foreign, a huge number of professionals from all over the world are working in a safe environment making and earning enough not only to make a living here but also to send remittances back to their countries for their family.

The Saudi Government have always been keen in updating their system for checking and keeping a track record of both their own citizens and expats, maintaining a very good working environment and providing some safe and respectful earnings.

Unfortunately, some people and manpower recruiting agencies became greedy and played a fraud game which was uncovered by the Saudi Ministry of Health. Asians are working in a huge number in the Kingdom, mostly as workers.

Men and women both, maids and nurses are mostly seen from Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and the Philippines.  

Recently in an operation done by The Saudi Ministry of Health, the experts found that many of the nurses who were recruited through many reputed manpower firms in New Delhi and Manila had some issues in papers provided.

The degrees and the work experience were correct but in some cases, the agents had forged or tampered with the experience letters in order to make the acquiring job more easily and readily available. According to the rules set by the Saudi Ministry, the nurses with a longer time of experience are given much priority when they apply for the jobs.

In order to apply and go for the job in the Kingdom of Saudi, you need to file the case through an agent or a manpower recruiting agencies and in some cases, agents had submitted forge experience certificates on behalf of the nurse.

It was reported that the nurses who were found guilty of forgery are sent in various prisons of Makkah, Riyadh, Eastern Province, Qassim and other regions. At least 12 Philippines nurses were arrested from Jeddah and other cities of Makkah Province while 30 are sent for investigation in Riyadh and Eastern Province.

The Public Prosecution is working with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) and under the supervision of the provincial emirates to handle these cases. Large numbers of nurses from India are also facing probe for falsification of certificates.

One Indian nurse was found innocent by the court and was reinstated but her service was terminated and she was deported. One Indian nurse from Qassim was unaware of the fake certificate and said that the agent might have submitted on her behalf, she was fined and deported. 

Some of the nurses who are working in the Kingdom for a long time with proven track records are also facing problems after the authorities made it obligatory for them to produce their certificates for the renewal of licenses.

These nurses say some of the institutions they graduated from or worked at are either closed or relocated. The issuance of licenses to practice in any field and any sector in the Saudi Arabia has been halted unless and until the person who has applied provides the Ministry and the institution with the academic and previous experience certificate in order to ensure quality services and professionalism.

Same goes for the renewal of the license already issued. This will not only ensure a quality check and control over the employees and the department. The verification is carried out by an International Agency for the applicants from India, Egypt, and the Philippines

Source: Saudi Gazette

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