Saudi Judge arrested for having Illegal sexual relations with female plaintiff

Power and responsibilities are interconnected factors, the more power you have, the more responsibilities you bear. Being a Judge means being justice. A judge is supposed to do justice to the people who bring in their problems to the court.

A judge has the power to do justice and give rights to the rightful person within the limits and set of rules of the specific area, country or a Kingdom. We always pay and give a very high esteem and respect to the judges and look forward to equality and fair justice for them. Everyone does.[irp]

Now, unfortunately, a judge in Saudi Arabia was accused of acts shameful to many of the factors. He is being reported and accused of doing all the wrongs a judge can do, in addition to having illegal affairs which are not only shameful but sinful too.

A citizen filed a complaint against the judge to the Minister of Justice about the illegal sexual relationship of his ex-wife with the judge. Shocking and unbelievable, the matter became more serious and real when another person made a plea with the Bureau of Public Prosecutions against the same judge about the wrong ruling in the case and having an illegal relationship with his ex-wife, too.

It was reported that the Penal court will take the case of this Judge in Makkah. The investigation was carried on and showed that he was tempting another woman to leave her husband in Riyadh. Police got some evidence that proved there were some chances that he may have some illegal relationships with Moroccan women outside the Kingdom.

Furthermore, he was accused of accepting bribes and verbally abusing people. It was said that his first case was a married woman who visited him for solving some of her married life disputes, firstly the judge ruled in the woman’s favor.

During the period the judge got close to the woman and had an illegal relationship with that woman. When she was divorced, the judge never married her.

The judge fought the second case of a divorcee who filed a complaint against her ex-husband to pay back her loan of SR 92,000. The judge ruled in the favor of the woman and also demanded his share of the money.

Her ex-husband filed an application against the decision but the judge dismissed it. He even helped the divorcee to get a loan of SR 60,000 from a bank.  He got close to that woman and offered to help her with her real state affairs.

His third case was a couple who were involved in the dispute. The judge forcefully enticed the woman to leave her husband.  Now the judge is arrested and is in prison until the date of his trial. He was also accused of abusing the husband and ex-husbands who came to him in these three cases.

Justice should prevail, no matter how strong the culprit is. Keeping in mind the present scenario of what is happening in Saudi Arabia against the corruption, we are sure the law enforcing agencies will do the best and better.

Also that these are still the allegations, as none of the women has been taken in for inquiry, so let us wait and see what the outcome is. If the judge is found guilty of the charges, this might be a shameful news and happening indeed, for Judge is the most respected profession and such acts might harm the good name of this profession.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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