His wife died leaving a newborn – Husbands quits Saudi Arabia

Travelling has always been a new experience every time we do it. From making a plan to packing your bags, from starting a journey to reaching the desired destination and choosing the right type of means of transport is a hectic task indeed.

Add some more hassle to traveling for the people working abroad, plus some more difficulties for the people wishing to travel to their homeland along with their families but the person we are talking about had a pile of problems.[irp]

Muhammad Abdul Shahnawaz is an Indian Citizen working in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Shahnawaz’s wife, unfortunately, died during delivery of a baby, leaving behind a grieved and troubled husband and two small kids.

As if the death was not enough traumatic for the saddened husband, he was stuck badly in the procedure and office work to be followed.  The Saudi Laws are advanced and followed strictly. By advance, we mean the technological up to date system and record keeping and tracking devices they use. An absolute need of the time, leaving almost no loopholes in the immigration process.

 Now this person Shahnawaz wished to go take the dead body of her wife back to his homeland for burial, understandable of course, but the little snag was the paperwork and immigration of the newborn. Although the office work to take the deceased back by plane and making an exit from The Saudi is a time taking, he was stuck for the kid.

In accordance with the new laws, every person leaving the Kingdom should have a complete portfolio and biodata. Taking the thumb impression of the newborn is one difficult task, not to mention taking a picture of a 2 day old with eyes open at your own will seems impossible.

Shahnawaz was already torn in between Sorrow and immigration, let alone this issue sprang up making him feel more depressed and helpless. The sudden death of his wife was already a shock for him, but the difficulties he faced in the enrollment of his newborn baby girl to obtain a travel document and exit visa for their homeland was not less than any hard misery for him.

Somehow, sometime he thought to leave his baby in the hospital and take dead body of his wife to India. He came to know about Nass Vakkom who is a leading social worker in the Eastern Province. Vakkom drew the attention of the officials of the civil affairs to his plight and finally he was able to register the birth of his baby without an online appointment.

Later Indian Embassy issued him the birth certificate of his baby which was obligatory to issue the passport. A nurse helped him to capture the picture of his baby with open eyes when his baby was three days old.

Vakkom was a respectable man who helped the heartbroken expatriate to complete all the legal formalities and finally, he was able to return his country with his two kids and the body of his beloved wife.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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