Afghan Girls who were rejected entry by USA, win Europe’s Top Contest

Some news is not just news; they are extraordinary information with unique happenings around the globe. One such good news “happened” quite recently. We are all well aware of the situation of Afghanistan, a country which has been war-torn, civil war, external attacks, and terrorism and with all these traumas happens a lot.

Children lack education and love, progression stops, everything looks bad and worse. But when there is a will, there is away. Those who want to study and achieve their goals, they attain it. Luck favors the brave, and willing.[irp]

It is said that if one door of opportunity closes, Allah opens another door for you. We should never lose hope because Allah has always decided something better for us.  Similarly, a group of six Afghan girls was denied U.S entry due to their passport. However, they managed to get Europe Visa.

The Robotex festival in Estonia and more unexpected news heard is that they won Europe’s top contest. I am sure that nobody would have ever thought that girls from Afghanistan will come forward and participate in an international contest. Everybody was amazed to hear this.

The team of these six teenagers who were 14 to 17 years of age came from the western city of Herat. This team attracted international attraction in July when they were temporarily denied visas to the U.S, where they were going to take part in the First Global Robotic competition in Washington.

The Afghanistan girls team competes in the First Global Robotics Challenge, Monday, July 17, 2017, in Washington. The challenge is an international robotics event with teams from over 100 countries. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Rejected from U.S, this team moved to Europe to participate in the Robotex festival. The Robotex festival was held in Tallinn on November 24. This was the top festival in Europe. The Afghan Embassies in London and Washington announced that these girl’s Robotic team won an award this week.

These embassies congratulated their Robotic team for winning the entrepreneur challenge in the biggest robotic festival. This team was given just 2 weeks to make a robot for the event and they succeeded in making a robot that would use solar energy to support the small-scale farmers in their fields.

They were selected as a winner by thousands of attendants of the event. They won a silver medal for their courageous efforts. After seeing their success and after an international outcry, U.S reversed its decision and allowed this Afghan girl’s, Robotic team to enter the country through the authorized processor disqualified visitors on the humanitarian ground because it benefits the public.

 It was such a proud moment for Afghanistan and for the entire World. The country which was thought to be a backward and terrorism stricken country is now giving the world stars like this. It is also an encouraging moment for the girls. Girls are now seen participating and showing their skills in almost every field.

Source: Al Arabiya

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