SR 5,000 fine for damaging public property at Jeddah Waterfront

Progressive and constructive edits are the new phrase that can be used to define the way the Saudi Government is running and making developments.  Plunging into the modern era and compelling all that is required to keep up with the modern world within the limits of decency is what they are doing, and we must say that they have excelled in this task.

In such a short time, the Development Authority is doing the works which only were like a dream for many outsiders. Seems like a utopian dream coming true. The new development is the waterfront made and opened to the public in Jeddah.[irp]

A marvelous make, beautifully designed and eye smothering site running for about four and a half kilometers along the coastline of the Red Sea, Jeddah and covering an estimated area of 730,000 square meters costing around SR 800 million.

The Waterfront project consists of everything you would desire in such a state of art new project consisting of three beaches, 25 sea huts, 100 washrooms and worth watching a 125 meters’ dock. It also consists of restaurants, parks, and play area and the most important need of every citizen, a Wi-Fi access.

480-metres sea wall dancing fountain enhance its beauty and this project provides facilities for the disabled to enjoy. These facts, figures, and pictures give anyone an irresistible desire to visit the waterfront and to put it on a list of very next holidays.

Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, the Governor of Makkah did the honors to inaugurate this Waterfront project last Wednesday in the presence of Governor of Jeddah Prince Mishaal bin Majid and his deputy Gov. Prince Abdullah.

Congratulating the nation as a whole, The Guest of Honor Prince Khalid hailed and praised King Salman bin Abdul Aziz for providing and encouraging everyone with the opportunity and requirements for the initiative and completion of such project.

No doubt to say that it is a great project for the public, but the authorities have made it clear that they will not spare any person who misuses this public property. There are 120 cameras with face recognition technology. Security officials will monitor the public and if anyone caught for causing damage he will have to pay the penalty.

It is said that the minimum fine for causing damage to any facility is SR 200 and maximum is SR 5,000. The regulation states that the fine of about SR 500 to SR 1,000 will be applied on the violators who cause any damage to streetlights, sidewalks, and landmarks.

Persons who cut the lighting poles cable will have to pay a fine of SR 3,000 to SR 5,000 and the perpetrator will also have to pay the expense to repair the lights.

Those who cause any destruction to greenery or cages that protect the plants, who cause damage to the trees, and who cause any sort of damage to the public park will be fined SR 200 to SR 1,000.

If the violator commits multiple misdemeanors, the law can apply him more than one fine. Indeed, a good step to announce such law. So be careful whenever you visit Waterfront.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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