Why are the incidents of fires at home increasing in Saudi Arabia?

If we pay attention to the disasters occurring in Saudi Arabia, then one of them would be the increased cases of fire at homes. Fire incidents at homes have increased at a lightning speed and this is most surely a matter to worry upon.

It often comes to our attention that people lose their lives in a fire incident at their home. Home is the safest place known to mankind and what if even these places are not safe anymore? The main causes of fire in homes are:[irp]

1-Majority of the fires occur because of the substandard appliances used in homes. These appliances do not meet the basic safety standards and can cause fires if they receive uneven voltages. Also, the use of cheap wires can cause short circuits which can lead to disastrous fires.

2-Proper fire and safety equipment is not available in most of the residences and fire escapes are not built which lead to the loss of innocent lives in case of fire.

3-People are not aware of what they should do in case of fire. They panic and this results in even more catastrophic results.

What to do to avoid losses in fire incidents? The Saudi government, the general public, and the entire society need to work collectively to counter this issue. The following points explain the collective line of action we need to take.

1-The Ministry of Commerce and Investment, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Saudi Customs and the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization are responsible for making sure that no substandard electric appliances are being sold in the market.

2-Anti-Commercial Fraud Law demands that an inspector should be appointed to stop the selling of substandard equipment that could put lives of people in danger.

3-The Civil defense department does its duty in inspecting and monitoring fire and safety in commercial buildings but it fails to do so in residential buildings due to lack of resources.

With the increasing cases of fires in the homes, the civil defense should pay attention to the residential buildings to ensure safety and prevent fires in homes.

4-The law strictly states that products which do not meet the basic safety standards are not to be sold and takes strict action against the offenders. Article 15 of the law says that all the concerned authorities will be fined along with the violator in case some fraud surfaces.

5-Selling of fake products is also prohibited according to the law. Article 22 states that if anyone sells fake electric products to a party then the party has the right to file a lawsuit against the business or company who sold them the product.

6-The people should be given proper instructions on how to deal with such cases. The departments concerned should inspect and monitor fire and safety in houses. Apart from the people who sell substandard products, the people who buy these products should also be blamed for these disasters.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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