This woman underwent 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie

Celebrities, the Silver Screen has made a number of people so famous that most of our ideals and heroes consist of movie heroes and characters. The charm, the glory, the glamour and the camera beauty of the actors has made us following and copying them now.

Some of us even dress like our favorite heroes and characters do. This is the magic the media has played and changed the world in many aspects, giving new fashion and style statements, dressing sense, new taste in music.[irp]

Sahar Tabar before undergoing the plastic surgeries

Media has motivated a lot of people amongst us in doing extraordinary things, and plastic surgery is one of them. Changing and modifying one’s body and face to look like their favorite person, this has not been done for the first time. Some call it insanity, others call it following and appreciate it.

Every person has its own identity and perspective too, so let us get to the story, for there are always people for and against a certain decision. An Iranian woman who was once a beautiful lady with her own beautiful face, but unfortunately she ruined her own features and natural beauty just to make herself look like her favorite actress Angelina Jolie.

Sahar Tabar after undergoing the plastic surgeries

It is reported that this girl is just 19 years old and said that she is one of the biggest fans of the Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie and she would do anything to transform herself into Angelina Jolie and she did.

This young lady created her Instagram account where she often posts her selfies. She was a beautiful and attractive lady when she started to operate herself. A soon as her story started to make headline Sahar Tabar Instagram follower increased to 307K.

She started to mold herself into Angelina Jolie by operating her face and losing her weight. Although she suffered a lot, instead of calling her Angelina Jolie, people started calling her Real Life Corpse Bride.

Allah has granted us our face as a unique identity. Everybody has their own features and beauty. It is beyond our mind that a person can change his face totally to look like another person, this can only happen in TV dramas, movies or fantasy.

Though there are many types of plastic surgeries being done in this era, every face has its own feature that can never be altered totally by surgeries. Many of the people feel regret after the surgeries for the results may not be as expected.

I feel this girl will also remorse one day for what she has done with herself. Allah better knows where she got the idea to transform herself. We should avoid following these type of things and everything we see in in the dramas or movies.

Source: Al Arabiya

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