Suicide Dummies hanging over the bridges in Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

Laughter is beautiful, a healthy therapy for humans after all the tiring and hectic daily life routine indeed. Putting a smile on someone’s face is an act of goodness, but sometimes we cross our limits in doing so, and while making other’s and ourselves laugh we hurt others both physically and emotionally.

Immoral might be a small word, playing with the emotions just for a laugh and making them a laughing stock just for fun is shameful. Pranks are a new in, especially with the evolution of social media and the trend of viral videos, some people have been observed going and doing the belt acts and pranks.[irp]

Some people play public pranks just to seek public attention, create some fun and want admiration from the people. Similarly, some people in Saudi Arabia hanged life seized dummies over the bridges that are usually dressed as male and female apparently mimic suicide.

These type of incidents happened in different parts of the country. Police are in search of the culprit but yet no one is suspected. The authorities believe that this act is carried out by some young boys as a joke.

The same type of Incident happened in the city of Buraidah, a dummy dressed in traditional dress thobe and ghutra was dropped off a bridge. A very similar video was posted on social media sites. In that video, it was seen that something appeared to be hanging from the pedestrian bridge in Al Badi neighborhood in Jeddah.

When the people checked that hanging thing it came out to be a dummy that was dressed in women clothes. Police are still searching those who are responsible for this type of actions that have been condemned and upsetting and could potentially cause road accidents.

Ahmed Al-Sudairi, a legal consultant, and lawyer said the suicide pranksters should be arrested and detained. A psychiatrist named Naif Al-Khamshi said those who are doing such deeds, they just want to seek attention and create confusion among the people. They just want some excitement and thrill.

Sultan Al-Makhlafi, a lawyer, said Islamic law prohibits people from frightening or threatening others in any way. He said such behavior could cause psychological trauma and disturb traffic movement.

The Ministry of Interior estimates that daily two people commit suicide in the Kingdom and the victims are mostly foreign workers and Saudis suffering from financial and psychological pain.

Col. Fawaz Al-Mayman, a spokesman for Riyadh Police, said the individuals responsible for the incident have not yet been identified but promised action would be taken against them.

Police are working efficiently and we hope the wrongdoer will be arrested soon and everything will be cleared once they will be arrested and investigated.

Source: Arab News

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