Safia, a 5 Years old Saudi Girl who reduced 20 KG weight in a month

Obesity is a disease caused by many factors and which is the root cause of further more ailments. A healthy person is a happy person, but a fat person is a problem, a fat human being is a trouble being. Obesity or overweight is caused basically by overeating or the disability of the body organs to digest the diet intake properly.

It is medically proven that obesity is a disease upon which a person has no control and starts at a very early age and it is the main cause of Diabetes.[irp]

A few weeks back we heard a news of Khaled Al Shaeri who was once the heaviest man of Saudi Arabia, but with the help of medical teams and expert doctors, he was able to resume a smart figure by losing more than 540 kg of his body weight. He got a new transformation amazed the people.

This is how I lost 540 KG weight in 4 years – Khaled Al Shaeri

Similarly, a news came about a Saudi girl who is less than 5 years old but weight 85 kg. Healthy and chubby kids are loved by everyone but perfect and average weight for a kid under five years should be between 20 to 25 kg. But this was not less than a shock that this girl whose name was Safia has gained a lot of weight in just a small age.

Kids at this age are very physical and active. At this age, they usually gain just 2 to 4 kg per year. She was unable to walk like normal kids because of her excessive weight it was described that she gained such a huge weight because she was unable to stop herself from eating.

The doctors managed her treatment and it was discovered that she was suffering from the syndrome of Prader-Willi. Prader-Willi syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that results in a number of physical, mental and behavior problems.

The main feature of this syndrome is a person feel a constant sense of hunger and this usually begin at 2 years of age. A person suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome constantly feel hungry and want to eat continuously because they never feel full, and they usually have trouble controlling their weight.

Many complications of Prader-Willi syndrome happen when a person gain too much weight.  Her doctor said first three months they were failed to treat her properly and she continued weight gain, and breathing difficulties, during sleep, but we continued her treatment and performed a gastric bypass surgery.

After the surgery, she was treated with diet and specific rehab and they finally saw an improvement in her overall behavior with the loss of unnecessary appetite. Dr. Hesham Sulaiman, who is a consultant and head of anesthesia, said that to treat children with this syndrome was a major challenge in anesthesia before surgical involvement because their cases are quite difficult to handle.

But after the treatment and proper care by expert doctors of Saudi Arabia she was able to lose about 20 kg of her weight and happiest news to hear is that she was able to walk like other kids.

She was lucky that she was gone for treatment at a very early age. Her doctors are expecting that soon her weight will fall to an ideal level and she will be able to live a healthier life.

Source: Al Arabiya

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