Khal Drago of Games of Thrones eating Mandi in Saudi Arabia

Celebrities and the Social media, both taking one another to new heights of fame, eradicating all the differences, diminishing the borders and building strong new bonds. A good sign, a very good step towards unity and creating an environment of harmony.

Celebrities represent their country, the nation they come from, the locality they belong to, the culture they follow and the people who follow them. When two celebrities from two different parts of the world meet and have a dinner together, it’s a sight worth watching.[irp]

Social Sites are now used to upload and share memorable moments such as these. Very recently we saw a picture of the famous celebrity of the season Game of Throne. His picture went viral on social media in which he is seen eating Saudi Traditional dish with an Egyptian star.

Egyptian professional wrestler Mada Abdelhamid was visiting Saudi Arabia with Jason Momoa, an American actor, who is very well known among the people by his name Khal Drago in the TV series Games of Thrones.

The two stars came to Riyadh as a part of Comic-Con Arabia, an international and popular pop culture convention for fans of superheroes. Comic-con Arabia was held in Saudi Arabian city Riyadh in which the audience got a great opportunity to meet some of their famous celebrities of some famous and international TV shows.

Abdelhamid said that they two enjoyed a lot and had a wonderful meal together. He posted a photo of the duo behind the huge tray of Mandi. Mandi is a famous traditional Saudi rice and chicken based dish. They went full in Saudi style and enjoyed their great meal together.

Abdelhamid posted his picture on Instagram and gave a caption, “Now this is what I call a FEAST!!!!! Eating like kings over here in Saudi Arabia.” We literally couldn't move afterward…. but we couldn't stop eating either. Very fitting that we were over here during Thanksgiving, our stomachs felt right at home.” 

Abdelhamid and Jason Mamoa (Khal Drago) are friends since Abdelhamid was Jason’s former personal trainer. They are friends for a long time and still, their friendship remained the same. It seems they will be everlasting friends.

Their fans went crazy to see their pictures on social media and many of them were surprised to hear that Khal Drago was in Saudi Arabia. Some of Jason’s fan couldn’t handle their feeling and they don’t have words to express their feelings.

Some of the people were disappointed to see them after meal picture, they just have one sentence to say that they barely finished half of the plate. While there were also some people who don’t know who is Jason Mamoa. A few asked if other celebrities too came to Saudi Arabia.

While many just showed more attraction and love for food than these two stars. Saudi Arabia is not just a name of a country on a map located at some latitude or longitude, it’s an old culture, a place with a very old civilization and heritage.

The food made and served here is purely traditional in many parts, still made and eaten in the traditional way, served in a large platter with sauces and without spoons and people love to enjoy the meal together in one tray.

It really looks and tastes good, gives a break from the normal junk food we normally have in our daily life routine, so a tour of Saudi Arab for food and visiting old sites is a must and a wonderful experience.

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