Can women wear jackets on their Abaya in Saudi Arabia?

Social Media is in the new mainstream now and the most important platform for the public opinion. Used in both the ways, the good and the bad, the social media has played a vital role in setting the new trends, changing the school of thoughts of many and creating awareness at the same time.

Print media only used to tell us what they wanted, social media is the voice of anyone who has a gadget and can type or speak. “Can women wear jackets on their Abaya”, this is one of the debates that went viral over Saudi social media.[irp]

There was an argument seen that whether a woman should be allowed to wear a jacket over their Abaya or not. In many parts of the world, women who wear an Abaya, they love to wear their jackets and sweaters over their Abaya in winter.

If we talk about Saudi social media, everybody gave a different opinion regarding this issue and not only women but men also jumped into this debate and started sharing their views on this topic. Some of the main points regarding this topic came forward and are mentioned below.

Abaya is a traditional garment: Most of the people stated that an Abaya is a traditional garment so women should avoid wearing anything with their Abaya. Everyone is quite satisfied with this statement. They said it is a quite satisfying statement for all of us and women should have to follow it.

This should be clearly prohibited: Some have a point to say that today the women are granting permission to wear jackets over Abaya, after some days they will come forward to say that Abaya is not compulsory they want a permission to quit Abaya. There will come a situation when they don’t even want to wear an Abaya.

Men clearly said no to jackets: Not only women, but men also jumped into this debate. Some of the conservative men clearly said that women should not wear anything over Abaya, freeze to death or get cold but don’t wear any jacket over Abaya.

They say that it looks very cheap to wear jackets over Abaya. Some of the boys demanded that women should never wear jackets as boys are allowed to wear jackets.

Abaya is a covering garment of the body: Some of the people reacted saying that Abaya is already worn to cover your body. It is said to be a veil for your body. God granted women gift of hijab and a beautiful religion in which women are said to be a queen and a protected jewel, so she should try to hide with Abaya.

Western trend: It is said that this is a secular western trend and our women are trying to follow this trend. It is a way to show off your clothes. They are loving to follow the western tradition blindly and by doing this they are trying to anger GOD.

What is wrong with wearing jackets over Abaya? People were fed up of this topic, they say that this topic is raised every winter and they still don’t know why they call upon this debate, what is wrong if women want to wear the jacket over her Abaya. They can wear the jacket to save themselves from cold.

Wear whatever you want to wear: Women said they are allowed to wear whatever they wanted. They can practice their personal freedom and those who are against women who wear the jackets on their Abaya they can go to the North Pole. Saudi Law does not prohibit women wearing whatever they want to wear upon their Abayas.

Source: Twitter

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