What is suitable uniform for Physical Education of Girls in Saudi Arabia?

An unhealthy body does not have a healthy mind. Regular exercise and sports activities should be a part of our daily routine. In Saudi Arabia, it was just a dream to say that women will participate in any sports activity.

However, now many steps are being taken by the Saudi Authorities to provide women with all the opportunities to participate in different sports activities. They have allowed women to go to the stadium to watch the match and recently Saudi women football team was also announced.[irp]

To encourage women and make it possible for them to participate in different sports activities, many initiative steps are taken and it was announced that physical education classes will be introduced in girl’s school.

Physical education classes will be introduced in girl’s school from the upcoming year. Along with many questions about their implementation in schools, one main question is about the formal uniform for physical education classes.

The Department of student activities in Madinah Al-Munawarrah announced a formal sports uniform which includes long-sleeved white blouse and long colored sleeveless dress along with trouser under the uniform. They said that this type of uniform is suitable for sports activities.

It was reported that public schools do not contain proper sports facilities yet. So girls will have cardio exercise. Arab News reported that a high school teacher in Jeddah named Ghada Mohammad stated that the exercises programs will officially start in the spring semester of 2018.

The first Zumba trainer Hadeel Al-Shumrani told Arab news that these types of uniform are not suitable for sports activities as it will cause many obstacles for them to perform exercises.

As we are all aware of the Saudi tradition that they will never allow their daughters to wear any sort of sports dress that is against the Islamic rules or Saudi culture. Hadeel Al-Shumrani is also quite aware of this fact so she said in solution to this problem,

“While performing any sort of sports activity two-piece clothes is the best choice, it is easily available everywhere and it is quite easy to handle during sports activities. She said that it is not against the Islamic regulations.”

She further said that the training suits should be made up of light cotton stuff that can easily absorb the sweat. There should be an awareness for girls to wear multi-fitness shoes for their sports classes.

Raged Al-Ezzy, a middle school student told Arab News: “We do morning exercises every day after we finish the national anthem and for an ease in the exercise, sometimes we use to wear training trousers under our school uniforms.”

The program will be slowly but surely applied in schools by dividing part of the morning schedule and including programs among other student activities. This is indeed a good step and soon we will be able to see Saudi women coming forward to participate in different sports and physical activities.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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