Ibrahim Khafaji, the Writer of the Saudi National Anthem

He was the first one to write the national anthem: Ibrahim bin Abdul Rahman bin Hussein Khafaji was born in Makkah in 1926. He kicked off his long poetry career at a very young age leaving behind the legacy of generations to come. He was the first one who wrote the Saudi National Anthem. It took almost six months for him to complete.

Before this, the Saudi Royal national Anthem was just music. He received a medal of the merit of the first degree. The journey of Khafaji is full of success and hardworking. His name was associated with top celebrities and artists of Saudi Arabia.

He passed away on November 24, 2017: He not only wrote national anthem but also composed several national and lyrical poems that were sung by many artists throughout the Arab world. But due to his bad health, Ibrahim Khafaji was admitted to the hospital in September 2017. The press reports that he was suffering from heart and colon problems with an ulcer.

After a long conflict with illness, he passed away at the age of 91. “Verily to Allah we belong and to him is our return.” On Friday, November 24, 2017, Saudi Arabia, grieved the death of Ibrahim Khafaji, a famous Arab poet and the author of the National Anthem. The funeral prayer of the poet was performed in the Grand Mosque in Makkah.

3982 Ibrahim Khafaji, the Writer of the Saudi National Anthem

The people from across the Kingdom poured into Makkah to pay their respect to late poet. He was buried in the Holy city of Makkah. Center for International Communication CIC Saudi Arabia paid the warmest condolence to the family, friends and the Kingdom on the loss of Saudi national treasure, poet, and writer of the Kingdom’s National Anthem.

The deputy head of Saudi’s cultural and media committee at the Shoura Council Dr. Abdullah bin Rofoud Al Safyani said that Saudi Arabia has lost one of its greatest son, who composed songs that reached major international arenas.

Ibrahim Khafaji is undoubtedly a Saudi National Hero: In the past Khafaji was the recipient of the King Abdul Aziz Medal in honor of his achievements. He gave the words to the Saudi national Anthem. He was hailed as a Saudi national hero. National Poet means a lot to any state or a country as being the most prominent figure of the motivation.

The National Anthem sums up all the good qualities of the nation and the country. Undoubtedly the death is a great loss, grieve and sorrowful, the words may not fill the cavity or lessen the pain of the people.

Good nations never forget their national heroes, therefore, he will live always, as long as the world remains and as long as the anthem will be mentioned and played anywhere in the vicinity.

Source: Saudi Gazette